‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’: Laced With Heavy Sexism?

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Season 3 of I Love A Mama’s Boy just started and already fans have a lot to say. It is not just the offputting dynamic between Matt McAdams and his mother Kelly. There is so much more with the three new couples which viewers are struggling to comprehend. One issue is the undertones of sexism. A Reddit thread was started to address this issue and it actually holds a lot of water.

How Can Anyone Say I Love A Mama’s Boy On Television?

Many have celebrated the fact that Kimberly Cobb was able to escape Matt and his too close for comfort mother Kelly. She walked in on him while he was taking a shower during the season premiere. He did not even think that maybe she was the wedge in his engagement. Rather, any woman who will be with him must be accepted by his mother. More so, this potential must understand that his mother is basically his ride or die. He has not even introduced his new lady friend, Brittany to Kelly just yet and he knows poor Britt will be put through it by his mother. Laila returns with Shekeb but she is furious that he has chosen to be back with Emily. Laila wants to set Shekeb up with someone else so this is like oil and water.

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Newcomer Nancy might be the most despised mother on the series as she has literally suggested her son get a DNA test. Just because she does not like her DIL and one child looks different, that causes questions. So, she tells her son Robert it is time to check paternity. Lorenda does everything for her son, including his laundry, and his lawn so how can his baby mama ever be good enough? Finally, Ethan and Esther have yet to be introduced but it is clear they are off. He calls his mother sexy and wants her to be naked when she walks him down the aisle. What woman would want to date a man like this?

Fans Take Exception

The show has held controversy for the mother/son dynamic. Most recently, the criticism has revolved around Nancy requesting the DNA test from Robert. Now, viewers are starting to feel a sense of underlying sexism in the series. Soon, a Reddit thread was started to express why they felt this way:

  • “I Cant Stand the Sexism on this Show. Especially from the mothers. They expect the women to cook, clean, care for, and cater their whole lives to their husband/boyfriend.”
  • “They are intentionally setting the standards super high so that no woman can meet them. They want their sons to remain single and all to themselves.”
  • “Completely agree!!!! Spineless sons that was learned from Mom. Where are the Dads???? Why have they allowed this all the years this “child “ was raised. It’s so absurd I can’t help but watch…….which of course they are all counting on!”

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This is pretty accurate, especially for this season. Nancy tried to teach her son’s wife Kristy how to cook but got mad and questioned if she ever learned growing up. Kristy clapped back by asking if Robert ever learned how to cook but Nancy said he didn’t have to because he had his mama. He should also have his wife, according to her. As for Lorenda, she babies her son so much that she expects the same from his girlfriend, Abbey but it’s almost impossible. These ladies never stand a chance and the expectations are through the roof.

Do you feel a level of sexism and old-fashioned standards in the series? Let us know and watch I Love A Mama’s Boy Sundays on TLC.

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