‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’: Kristy Reacts To Nancy’s DNA Request

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I Love A Mama’s Boy newcomer Nancy despises her son Robert’s wife, Kristy. She does not think one of their daughters is biologically his so she suggested a DNA test. How will Kristy feel when she learns this information?

Nancy Brings The Bang To I Love A Mama’s Boy

Robert met Kristy when they were both training at the gym. They started hanging out and he admits that he was quite nervous which she thought was cute. After a short time, she got pregnant and they decided to elope. That immediately put a bad taste in Nancy’s mouth because she was mad she was not invited. Plus, she felt that Kristy trapped Robert by getting pregnant and resented that. They proceeded to have two children but Nancy has a problem. She feels that only one of the girls looks like Robert. The other does not look anything like him. Therefore, she thinks he should get a paternity test.

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She is under the impression that one of his kids is not actually his. He cannot believe that she would even suggest that but she could not get along with Kristy. Robert was training for a major MMA fight which could lead him to the UFC. So, Kristy was doing all of his meal prepping for him. Yet, Nancy will come by with bad food just to taint his diet. She even said she was trying to teach Kristy how to cook for Robert but Nancy doesn’t like that she cannot control Kristy. So, how will Kristy react when she learns of the DNA issue?

She Wants What?

In this week’s episode, Robert sits down with Kristy and lets her know what has transpired with his mother. He starts talking about basic tests and then brings up a paternity test for their daughter Kimberly. Kristy immediately knows it has to do with Nancy. He says he wants to do it to shut his mother up but she wants him to think about her. Kristy notes Nancy has done a lot of horrible things to their relationship but this is a new low. She also points out that genetics works in crazy ways and it makes sense that the kids may not look just like Robert.

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Kristy wonders what will happen when the test proves he is the father. What will Nancy find to pick on then? Finally, she feels he needs to put his foot down or it will never change. As for Robert, he keeps claiming that he wants everyone to be happy but he is ruining his marriage. Do you think he will actually go through with this? Let us know and watch I Love A Mama’s Boy Sundays on TLC.

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