‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’: Emily Calls Out Shekeb For Cheating?

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Emily and Shekeb are back for another season of I Love A Mama’s Boy. The problem is that his mother, Laila still does not like her. Therefore, she is trying to set him up with someone else. Will Emily call Shekeb out for cheating on her?

Shekeb And Emily Are Back For Another Season Of I Love A Mama’s Boy

It looked like it was splitsville for Emily and Shekeb after the end of Season 2. He wanted to give her a sweet promise ring but when she saw it, she flipped. She had expected a lavish engagement ring and fumed over the idea of a promise ring. Since he had the ring, he ended up giving it to his mother, Laila. After all, he and his mother are super close and she never liked Emily. They had fought since the beginning with Laila calling Emily a pig. The ladies tried to make amends earlier in the season but it never truly clicked.

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Finally, the ring was the last straw for Emily until she tried to go back to Shekeb but he was so mad and heartbroken that it did not look promising. Now, the three are back. Shekeb has moved into an apartment with Emily but still has stuff at his home with his mom. He claims it gives him a reason to stop home a few days a week. Though Emily has taken responsibility for her downfalls in the relationship, she is now trying to make it work. As for Shekeb, he wants his mom to come by and bless the apartment but she does not want to see Emily. She has actually proposed a date for him which he agrees to but just as a meet-up. Emily is going to lose it.

Cheating And Homewrecking?

In a quick clip that Emily posted to her Instagram, she calls Shekeb a cheater and his lady friend a homewrecker. It appears to be the friend Laila set him up with and Emily is mad. She posted this question: “Well ladies, is it true that once a cheater, always a cheater?” Her followers had their own responses:

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  • “This is so fake, this show won’t go on for much longer as everything is not real.”
  • “Every guy is different in every different relationship. It just takes that one girl to make him settle downs”
  • “I’m not sure why you’re still with that guy. That crazy old lady is enough to make anyone run.”
  • “Ughhhhhh shakeb not a decent move – either you’re with Emily or you’re not !! Emily doesn’t deserve to be treated this way. You don’t go meet another woman when you are living with someone you love!”

How do you think this actually plays out? Let us know and watch I Love A Mama’s Boy Sundays on TLC.

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