‘Unexpected’ Jenna Ronan Stuns In Mother Heather’s Wedding


Unexpected cast member Jenna Ronan just keeps glowing since parting ways with boyfriend and baby daddy Aden Albright. She looked happier than ever at the Season 5 tell-all. Now, she is stunning as her mother, Heather Barr walks down the aisle.

An Unexpected Transformation

It took some fans to get used to Jenna when she was introduced in Season 4. Along with her boyfriend Aden, the two teens were expecting their first baby. She had been deceived by Aden into not using protection. He told her that boys ovulated just like girls do so he could control when she got pregnant. That clearly was untrue and she ended up conceiving their son Luca. Despite some issues between the couple, Jenna wanted to make it work. She grew up with her parents not getting along and did not want the same for her son. Together, she and Aden worked through it but by Season 5, it was a struggle.

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Her father, Matt worked things out with her mother, Heather and they all decided to go on a family vacation. This included Matt’s wife, Cathy, and Aden. Unfortunately, Aden spent most of the trip moping up in the bedroom and that set Jenna into a bad mindset. That was when she started to realize she would be much happier without him. It was time for her to make some positive changes for both her and her son so she did. By the time the tell-all aired, she had broken up with Aden and was living on her own with their son. Furthermore, she was preparing to undergo a breast enhancement. It was truly looking to be a positive experience all around.

Going To The (Beach) Chapel

This past Wednesday, Jenna celebrated her mother getting married, according to Starcasm. The Unexpected starlet was a bridesmaid alongside her sister, Alyssa. Luca was also a hit in a cute little buttoned-down paired with khakis. She shared a pic of the two of them on her Instagram stories. Her mama, Heather married a man named Jeff on the beach in North Carolina. His children were also in attendance and a part of the wedding party. Though Heather and Jenna’s father, Matt have reconciled, he was apparently not in attendance.

Unexpected/Jenna Ronan/Instagram

The grandmoms of the show’s stars were in awe of Jenna’s confidence when she took the stage solo at the tell-all. They commented how they wished that Kylen Smith had that same glow. Since she left Aden, she has a newfound confidence and shared she has reconnected with her old friends. Apparently, he kept her away from a lot of them but now she has taken her control and power back. It most definitely shows in her photos. Congrats to Heather and the happy blended family.

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