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‘Sister Wives’: Mykelti Padron Told Fans 4 Weeks Ago About Twins?

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The announcement of Mykelti and Tony Padron of Sister Wives being pregnant with twins yesterday came as a shock to many. But, is it possible she had already tried to drop hints she was pregnant on Instagram? As TvShowsAce reported yesterday, fans had started questioning if Mykelti might be pregnant dating all the way back to the end of March. It, however, was something she posted four weeks ago that has fans thinking this pregnancy news shouldn’t have been a total shock.

Did Mykelti Padron already tell fans she was pregnant?

Four weeks ago, Mykelti shared a photo of herself and her daughter Avalon. She had picked her daughter up and Avalon had her legs wrapped around one side of her hip. Avalon had a bit of a cranky look on her face. She had either just woken up or perhaps she was unhappy with the bright sun shining down on her face. Mykelti Padron had a huge smile on her face as she held up what fans assumed was a peace sign for a camera.


Looking back at the photo now, however, fans think she was actually holding up two fingers to drop a hint that she was pregnant with twins. Moreover, in the comments, fans were pretty quick to call attention to the fact that she appeared to be pregnant. Many noted there was an obvious baby bump in the photo.

In Mykelti’s defense, other fans argued it was rude to ask someone if they were pregnant. Some even noted the way she was standing caused her belly to stick out. Just yesterday after the pregnancy news broke, someone returned to the post looking for an apology for everyone who said Mykelti looked pregnant. Because, as it turns out, she was.

“Sooooo y’all gonna backtrack and apologize to all the people who asked if she was pregnant in this picture or?” The fan penned in the comments of the photo.

Mykelti Padron - Instagram
Mykelti Padron – Instagram

What do we know about the pregnancy?

Sadly, we don’t know much about the pregnancy at this point in time. Fans know her due date is in December. But, being twins, Mykelti suspects she’ll have them early.

Do you think Mykelti Padron was trying to hint she was pregnant in that photo from four weeks ago? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on Sister Wives.

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