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‘Sister Wives’: Does Kody Brown’s Family Even Have Health Insurance?

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There are eighteen kids in the Sister Wives family. That is a lot of mouths to feed and a lot of kids to take care of. Over the seasons, some of the Brown children faced heavy faced medical issues. This begged the question if the family even had health insurance.

Sister Wives Medical Emergencies

Over the past sixteen seasons of the show, there have been a handful of medical issues that the Brown children faced. Some were quite severe and very costly. The biggest issue was health insurance and the lack thereof. According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup in 2013, there was a point where Kody did struggle. He did not necessarily feel comfortable having all of his (then) twelve children on his health insurance. That all changed his daughter, Maddie had a very costly emergency appendectomy. The family had to start sorting out how to cover their children properly so this would never happen again. Luckily, his daughter with his first wife Meri could be covered under him since they were legally married.

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Janelle worked full-time so it is plausible that she was able to get insurance for her six children through her job at some point. However, that must have cost an arm and a leg. Yet, after Maddie’s appendectomy, it was probably well worth it. Do not forget that the family was on government assistance for some time, even as the show began. So that must have helped. Christine was left to fend for herself as a “single” mother and was left in the dust twice. The first time was when Truely’s kidneys began to fail and she was in the hospital for some time with the end cost of 450K. Then there was Ysabel’s scoliosis surgery. How did that work?

So Many Questions

It was not just a celebration on Sister Wives when Ysabel was able to get her scoliosis surgery but her mom, Christine had another thing to celebrate. She had applied for the insurance and was thrilled that it had been approved after several months. Robyn’s status was unclear since she came in with three kids so they could have been under her ex-husband’s insurance. Now, she is the only legal wife so her five (the OG three were adopted in 2014) probably are covered under Kody. Fans have watched the family leave stable jobs for new and random ventures so the question of insurance was posted on Reddit:

  • “They don’t. Probably why they waited so long to take Truely to the hospital and why Grody dragged his feet for years on Ysabel getting surgery. Christine said it took her 5 months to secure insurance for her to get the surgery.”
  • “They’re basically single moms this drives me NUTS”
  • “I think noodlehead didn’t have insurance for all initially but ended up getting it for all after one got sick? Moms are probably responsible to find their kids plus Robyn’s though”

Sister Wives/Kody Brown/YouTube

One Redditor noted that Janelle stated that, despite having a job, her kids were not insured. Therefore, it is now quite questionable what was going on with her. She had a full-time job but no insurance? In any case, Janelle and Christine are extremely independent and most of the kids are adults now. So they can handle themselves. The biggest problem with polygamy is most wives are looked at as single mothers so a man cannot give them the accommodations they need.

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