Nanny Faye Tells Savannah & Todd Chrisley She's No Basic B*tch [Peacock]

Nanny Faye Tells Savannah & Todd Chrisley She’s ‘No Basic B*tch’

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Nanny Faye told Savannah and Todd Chrisley that she’s “no basic b*tch.” The funny moment took place on Chrisley Knows Best Season 9. Fans have been loving this new season, which has finally returned. It includes more hijinks from their favorite family. The most popular family member is Nanny, who always brings a smile to people’s faces.

The second half of Season 9 of Chrisley Knows Best returned on Thursday, June 23. In the latest episode, Todd and Nanny have a gardening battle. Todd wanted a green thumb so he can impress a person he wants to do business with. Find out what happens when Todd and his mom take sides in their gardening duel.

Nanny Faye Is The Queen Of Cool [USA Network | YouTube]
[USA Network | YouTube]

Todd Chrisley wants to become a gardener

It’s hard to see Todd Chrisley get his perfectly manicured hands dirty. But, he said he wants to become a gardener. So, he decides to get some help from Nanny Faye. He tried his hand at gardening for his family before, but they forbid him because of his terrible skills. Nanny Faye informed him that gardening wasn’t easy.

However, she was willing to help him plant the most exotic flowers that would impress a potential client. Yet, Todd wasn’t impressed. He questioned Nanny Faye’s abilities and told her that her flowers were “basic.” He compared her flowers to the ones on “every grandma’s porch.”

Savannah Chrisley Joins In On Fun [USA Network | YouTube]
[USA Network | YouTube]
Because of his sassy remarks, Nanny Faye refused to help him further. Then she came up with the idea of having her and Savannah Chrisley compete against Todd. Nanny Faye told Savannah that she was “no basic b*tch.” Savannah gleefully joined the competition to prove her father wrong.

The judges told Nanny Faye that her flowers had “thriller, filler, and spiller.” But, Todd wasn’t eligible for the competition because he didn’t plan his flowers. They looked like he bought them from the store. Nanny ended up winning the competition. She received a membership in the club.

Todd Chrisley Battles With Nanny Faye [USA Network | YouTube]
[USA Network | YouTube]

Fans react to Nanny Faye’s win

Of course, Chrisley Knows Best fans reacted to the hilarious episode on Twitter. Most of them enjoyed the friendly competition between Todd and Nanny. They also loved the comment she made about “not being a basic b*tch.”

  • “Sometimes you have to give something for free to get a lot. It’s called outthinking the competition.”
  • “I’m watching the show, but with a side eye!!! I still love Nanny Faye!!!”
  • “Nanny is hilarious. Love her.”

This comes after Todd revealed that Nanny Faye had bladder cancer. The Chrisley family has been through a lot this year alone. Not only were Julie and Todd found guilty of tax fraud and evasion earlier this month, but they also dealt with a cancer scare. Todd shared that his mom has cancer on the latest episode of their Chrisley Confessions podcast on Thursday, June 16.

What are your thoughts on the latest episode? How are you like the second part of Season 9 of Chrisley Knows Best? Do you also love Nanny Faye? Sound off below in the comment section.

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