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‘Keep Sweet: Pray And Obey’ Give Fans Christine Brown Vibes?

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Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey and Christine Brown, what do they have in common? Some would say polygamy and being trapped under the subservient wing of a man. Yet, what the women and children were subjected to under Warren Jeffs’ wing was beyond deplorable. Christine, on the other hand, could leave whenever she wanted. She just needed the church to grant her a spiritual divorce. By a certain time, she was not even a member of the church so, for her, it didn’t matter. So, why are fans getting a Christine vibe from the new Keep Sweet documentary?

Did Christine Brown Keep Sweet?

The one thing about Christine was she, initially, was the subservient wife. She kept the house tidy and raised the children. Having grown up in polygamy, this was the life that she knew. For her, being the third wife was where she knew that she belonged. She never wanted to be alone with a man and the second wife was always a wedge so the third was perfect. In 1994, she got her wish and married Kody despite him really not being attracted to her. However, he did love her spirit and how she was a breath of fresh air, bringing everyone together. Plus, she never said no to him and he loved that even more.

Christine Brown/Sister Wives/YouTube

As Meri worked some and Janelle was always working full-time (her preference), Christine was the main homemaker. She was seen teaching their children and having dinner on the table. Yet, it eventually became too much for her when she realized she never thought about herself and put everyone first. When she brought this up to Kody, he claimed she was breaking the marriage vows. Soon, he married his fourth wife Robyn who became the “obedient” one, and that helped him out a lot. Christine and Kody struggled for years and in 2021, she finally left the marriage. Now that the Warren Jeffs documentary has come out, fans are seeing some parallels with Christine but what are they?

What’s So Similar?

So, Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey is an inside look at the crimes committed by Warren Jeffs, a polygamist cult leader. In the documentary, there is talk about a “downstairs wife” and this immediately struck a chord with SW fans. Christine Brown was adamant that she did not want to live in a single-family home again after Utah. The reason for that was she was a basement wife which she later learned meant you were the lowest on the totem pole. After a “downstairs wife” was brought up, fans immediately took to Reddit to share the similarities they saw.

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  • “I’m watching the series on netflix and literally in the first 5 mins they talk about how there’s a “downstairs wife” or “downstairs family” and it reminded me of when Christine complained about being called the “downstairs wife”!!! so wild”
  • “I thought of Christine right away when I heard that”
  • “It’s being called “The basement wife” Christine didn’t even know she was one until she heard about it somewhere.”
  • “I’ve noticed similarities in the way polygamists talk, their phrases. E.g. basement wife. “Sweet”. I have noticed Kody refers to Robyn as the sweetest woman he knows. He referred to her last season as obedient.”

No wonder fans instantly thought of Christine in this scenario. Luckily, she was brave and bold enough to get away. In fact, Vegas gave her the true autonomy she needed with her own home. Have you watched Keep Sweet yet? Let us know in the comments below.



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