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Christine Brown Has Magical Time With Someone Special

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Christine Brown has really been living her best life since leaving Kody last year. She moved from Flagstaff to Utah and it appears that her life finally began. Now, she is having a magical time with someone very special to her and proudly sharing it with the world.

Christine Brown, One Happy Single Lady

It was not easy for Christine to break free from her beloved plural family. Having been raised in the lifestyle, this was all she knew. Growing up, she knew she wanted to be a third wife. So, when she married Kody Brown in 1994, it seemed that she finally had what she always envisioned. Unfortunately, there were a lot of cracks she just never allowed herself to see. She never put her needs ahead of others and was always the “yes” wife which was draining. Furthermore, she could never really address these issues with Kody as he would either brush them off or worse. At times, he would tell her that she was breaking her marital vows.

Christine Brown/ YouTube

Over time, she would casually say she did not want to be in the marriage any longer. Kody just assumed she was venting but there was a lot she held in. She knew that he was not attracted to her which had come out at one point. It was the way she ate her nachos when they first started dating that turned him off. Then it just continued to go downhill until the pandemic and he was almost solely living at Robyn’s. He did not think that Christine or her family were following his protocols but she saw it differently. Her girls stopped respecting him as he favored certain kids and a wife. Finally, he withdrew the intimacy from their marriage so Christine packed his stuff then hers, and exited the family.

Spending Special Time

Since moving back to Utah, Christine Brown has been blessed to reconnect with her eldest daughters, Aspyn and Mykelti. Additionally, she gets to spend a lot of time with her granddaughter, Avalon. She has also planned so many excursions with former sister wife, Janelle, and her children plus parties. For her fiftieth, she had a fabulous murder-mystery party and even did a decades party. She has planned a Jeep adventure and the two wives went to Disney World with their families for a wellness retreat.

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Now, Christine is having a very special time with someone very special to her. Along with her daughters, the mother of six went to Disneyland. Yet, it was the presence of her mother that made the trip magical, as she shared on Instagram: “Magical vacation with my mom.” Ysabel and Truely also tagged along as Gwendlyn had just road-tripped there with her new girlfriend. Her followers commented on how happy and great Christine looked. Plus, she is a spitting image of her mama just like her girls are of her. It “truely” was a magical time. 

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