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‘Black Ink Crew’ Ceaser Emanuel FIRED, Why?

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Ceaser Emanuel, the owner & creator of the Black Ink brand, has now been fired by VH1 from his long-running reality show. The cable network decided to cut ties with the Black Ink Crew member after a viral video of him surfaced online.

VH1 Officially Cuts Ties With Ceaser Emanuel

The clip that has been doing the rounds on social media shows the ink shop owner striking the pooch multiple times with a folding chair. The mentioned video was shot using a ring camera. Later, the reality star locked the dog inside a cage & pushed it down a steep hill.

In a statement posted on Thursday by VH1 on Facebook, the cable network mentioned their decision to drop Ceaser Emanuel from Black Ink Crew New York. As the upcoming season has already been shot, the decision won’t affect it. Walter Mosley, Emanuel’s lawyer, doesn’t contest the identity of the alleged in the video. However, he did state that the video is an old one that recently surfaced, and the scene was completely misconstrued.

Lawyer Walter Mosley Dubs The Video Misconstrued

As per the lawyer, Emanuel tried to stop certain aggressive dogs that were attacking other animals close by. Mosley also added that his client is an animal lover and has had several pets throughout his life, including dogs. Explaining the situation, he said that the reason for this aggressive action was an unfortunate one yet needed at the moment.

Ceaser Emanuel YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

As the narrative goes, several bigger aggressive dogs were attacking a smaller dog, and Ceaser came to the rescue. However, the lawyer admits that it was a lapse of judgment on the reality star’s part, but it didn’t come from a bad place. Given the filming angle, one couldn’t see that he was trying to protect the smaller dogs.

Given that he didn’t make the best move in an attempt to provide protection, he is now seeking assistance and learning better ways to healthily tackle animal disputes. This is something he took care of long back after the incident happened.

Mosley added that the video surfacing a year or more after it actually happened is disrupting the reality star’s career. The situation was addressed long ago and didn’t require such a negative reaction.

Co-Star Donna Lombardi Reposts Video On Her IG Account

It wasn’t just the show’s fans that called out the artist on such distressing behavior. His costar, Donna Lombardi, also reposted the abuse video on her IG account on Wednesday, exposing his wrongdoings.

Ceaser Emanuel YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

She also wrote if someone can treat a pooch like this, it shows the true intentions of the person. Donna mentioned that she was never involved in her costar’s life, but the video sure upset her. She added that she loves animals, especially dogs. And the video was a cruel act that deserves to be called out.

Emanuel being fired by VH1 was first reported by TMZ. The show Black Ink Crew New York premiered in 2013 on VH1. It has had nine successful seasons, with the 10th to air soon.

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