Amy King Praises Illegal Abortions: What If Josh Knocked Up Sisters?

Amy King - Josh Duggar

Duggar cousin Amy King praised Jesus just a few hours ago as abortions were made illegal. A lot of Duggar fans, however, instantly came for her on multiple social media platforms (and Reddit). They had one hard question for her. How would she feel about abortions if Josh Duggar had knocked up one of his sisters (or even worse… a child)?

The question came up in response to her praising Jesus as abortions became illegal. She made it clear she was ecstatic about this news as she used all caps and tons of exclamation points.

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What if Josh Duggar had knocked up one of his sisters?

In response to Amy’s celebration, one individual asks: “Would you feel this way if your cousin had gotten one of his sisters pregnant?”

This question was liked over 400 times in hours. It accumulated nine responses and a few retweets. The responses indicated there were many people who wanted Amy King to address this question.

One individual penned in response: “There is no better question to ask.”

Another individual chimed in that neither Amy King nor anyone in Josh Duggar’s family would even entertain this question because it “miraculously” didn’t happen and they would never think that way.

Amy King gets blasted as a hypocrite

Across multiple social media platforms, Duggar fans and followers are furious with Amy King. Many noted she can’t claim to be a supporter of SA victims if she supports taking away women’s rights to safe abortion. Some attempted to school Amy King on the fact that this would not stop abortions from happening. It would simply stop safe abortions from happening.

The Duggar cousin clarified her stance

Feeling the heat from the backlash, Amy King took to Twitter again nearly an hour later. She noted that she was sure the government would put guidelines in place to protect women who were in life and death situations where abortion was medically necessary to save a life. Here’s what she had to say:

Amy King stood strong in her celebration of abortions being made illegal as she argued someone destined to cure cancer or change the world could have been taken out by an unnecessary abortion.

At this time, it does not appear as if Amy King has addressed the questions regarding if she would support abortions because her cousin Josh forced himself on someone.

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