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’90 Day Fiance’: The Real Reason Behind Mark & Nikki’s Divorce

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This season of 90 Day Fiance has already seen some success stories despite viewers saying it is one of the worst yet. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for couples of seasons past. Mark filed for divorce from his wife, Nikki in March after six years. So, what exactly went wrong? Read on for more details.

Mark And Nikki’s 90 Day Fiance Love Story

Viewers first met the couple in Season 3 of the hit TLC reality series. The duo met online with him residing in Maryland and Nikki based in the Philippines. It was not the distance that was so much of an issue but the age difference as he was around forty years older than her. Furthermore, Mark already had been married with four adult children. Unfortunately, his children did not appreciate how his new love was actually younger than they were.Within two days of meeting each other, Mark popped the question, according to Page Six. An additional issue, aside from a quick proposal, was that he appeared to be duplicating his first wife. She had been from the same place in the Philippines so it was a tad offputting, along with everything else.

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Though he did shower her with gifts like a new car, he expected a lot in return. It seemed like he wanted a maid more than a wife which became somewhat of an issue for the couple. Mark also disciplined her for the most minute of things but still tied the knot. After their season wrapped, they were no longer a part of any 90 Day spinoffs. Mark and Nikki filed a lawsuit against the network for a handful of things which was later dropped. Now, they are back in the news for the divorce filing, which should be no real surprise but why is it over?

Where Did It Go South?

It probably did not help that Mark was trying to morph Nikki into his ex-wife or that he had control issues. Now it is coming out that she allegedly was unfaithful. According to In Touch, the divorce filing cited “adultery” for Mark wanting a divorce. A Reddit thread was started based on this knowledge to discuss:

  • “I’m happy she’s still alive and well. I really expected him to lose his s**t for touching windows and stuff.”
  • “I wanna know was it really adultery or was she just saying hello to people?”
  • “This was my first thought, too. She probably paid a male cashier at the grocery store and that was too much for Mark.”
  • “I hope she stuck gum on his windows on her way out”
  • “It wasn’t just that, either. Remember how he kept trying to make her be like his ex-wife? Buying her the same car and stuff. Super weird.”
  • “usually i take up with cheaters, but for this instance i’ll give her SEVERAL passes”

90 Day Fiance/MarkandNikki/YouTube

So, it appears fans are definitely on Nikki’s side with this one and are thrilled that she is actually okay. Hopefully, she will post her next chapter. What do you think of the news that she was the one who was unfaithful and are you surprised? Let us know in the comments and watch 90 Day Fiance Sundays on TLC.


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