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Whitney Way Thore Shares Her Greatest Treasure

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MBFFL star Whitney Way Thore took to her social media to share her greatest treasure with fans. What is it? Keep reading for all the details.

TLC star reveals insecurity despite promoting body positivity

Whitney Way Thore’s whole TLC show revolves around promoting acceptance for all body types. However, in a recent Instagram post, she shared that body positivity doesn’t necessarily mean zero insecurity.

In a revealing post, the reality star shared a close-up look at her face. In the caption, she brought attention to her nose. “POV: you’ve just realized how different your nostrils are.”

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Whitney Way Thore/Credit: Whitney Way Thore Instagram

Many of her followers took to the comments to share relatable stories. “I was obsessed with my different nostrils in my teens,” one person wrote.

Another added, “Omg I discovered my nostril difference a couple of years ago – I was upset about it for days.”

Now Thore is back on social media to talk about her life’s greatest treasure.

Whitney Way Thore shares her greatest treasure

The MBFFL star has a close-knit group of friends, including her ex-boyfriend Lennie. He’s been making random appearances on her Instagram for months, causing major speculation among viewers.

At this point, Whitney Way Thore has yet to reveal her relationship status with either Lennie or her mysterious French beau from Season 9.

However, she did share a wholesome post on social media about her greatest treasure. Who is it?

Her mother Barbara (AKA “Babs”,) of course.

In a sweet post, Thore wishes her mom a happy 76th birthday. 76?! No one else could believe it either. “People were guessing that she was 60,” she wrote.

She went on to praise her mother.

“Every day I pray to have my mother’s wit, grace, strength, and genetics. How lucky am I to have been given this woman as my mother AND I get to share her with the world?” – Whitney Way Thore Instagram

Viewers of the TLC show adore Babs.

She is my greatest treasure and my best friend,” Thore said about her mother.

Whitney ended the tribute with a message to fans from her mom. “She says she loves y’all and we’ll see you for season 10.”

Credit: Whitney Way Thore Instagram

What do we know about the new season?

MBFFL Season 10 details

Whitney Way Thore’s followers have been eagerly awaiting Season 10. What happened with her French tutor boyfriend? Why is Lennie around all the time now?

All will (hopefully!) be revealed on Season 10. The season will also feature a health scare for Whitney’s mother. Babs had several health issues during the previous season.

Season 10 of MBFFL returns to TLC on Tuesday, August 9. Don’t miss it!

In the meantime, check out this throwback photo of Babs. Doesn’t Whitney look JUST like her?

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Babs/Credit: Whitney Way Thore Instagram
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