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Future ‘Bachelor’ Couple? Trista Sutter, Andrew Firestone Talk Setting Up Kids

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Trisha Sutter loves having former Bachelor Nation contestants and leads on her podcast. This was the case recently when she was joined by the Bachelor lead of Season 3, Andrew Firestone. The discussion of this episode of Almost Famous OGs centered around their children. Both former leads have thirteen-year-old children.

Trista Sutter, Instagram
Trista Sutter, Instagram

Trista and Ryan Sutter have a daughter, Blakesley. Andrew and his wife Ivana have a son, Brooks.

The two talked about keeping it in the Bachelor family and setting their children up. The two teenagers have already been in communication with each other. Trista thinks it’s just a matter of time.

What Did Trista Sutter And Andrew Say About Their Children?

Trista Sutter told Andrew she’d already reached out to his wife about their kids. According to Bachelor Nation, she said, “I reached out to Ivana and I was like, ‘I’ve got dibs!’ We’re going to have a planned wedding for Brooks and Blakesley!”

Andrew said he was aware they’d been talking to each other. Andrew said he didn’t know if he was supposed to share but, “Brooks slid into the DMs of Blakesley.” Trista said her daughter told her she messaged Brooks and he left her on read. Firestone said he doesn’t know what that means because he doesn’t know the kids’ lingo. The two laughed.

While the kids have talked, they haven’t met in person. But the parents want to change that.  Trista told her daughter they have time, while Andrew agreed they’d be great together one day.

The Former Bachelorette Has Given Great Advice On Raising Teens

Trista Sutter has two teenagers with her husband. Max is fourteen. While she said she wasn’t an expert, she has learned a bit. Sutter said with teenagers you need to be a good listener while giving them some freedom. She said, “Use moments of difficulty as life lessons, and never shy away from talking about the sometimes-harsh realities of life.”

As we reported, the family has dealt with some rough times since the family patriarch Ryan has been sick. Before the doctors could figure out what was wrong with him, Ryan suffered from a severe case of Lyme disease. The families’ closeness and open relationship helped them to get through a difficult time.

She Shared She Had Great Role Models For Parenting

For Father’s Day, Trista Sutter shared the below picture and thanks to the dads in her life. She said, “Having been a mother for almost 15 years, I can now say that I understand the dedication it takes to be a good parent. With that understanding comes the deepest respect for the dads in my life.”

Trista Sutter, Instagram
Trista Sutter, Instagram

What do you think about a future setup for their two kids? Do you know what it means to leave someone on read? Comment with your thoughts down below and as always come back to TV Shows Ace for all things Bachelor Nation.

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