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Why Kody Brown’s Children With Other Wives Avoid Meri Like Plague?

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For years, the Sister Wives family has been breaking down. But recently, fans noticed that for years, the rest of the family wasn’t always so kind to Meri Brown. In fact, a few pointed out that some of the kids and even the wives tended to actively avoid Kody Brown’s first wife.

So what’s actually going on here? Keep reading to see what online Sister Wives fans had to say.

Kody Brown & his family don’t always see eye-to-eye with the first wife

Over the course of 16 seasons of Sister Wives, viewers can’t help but notice that Meri self-isolates quite often. There are many points where she becomes reclusive. But the rest of the Brown family also doesn’t quite seem so welcoming to her either. This is a topic often discussed on online threads like Reddit.

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“Why won’t the family hang out at Meri’s?” one Redditor asked. “I know she’s difficult sometimes but she seems like she’d be happy to make a meal for everyone, have toys for the kids, etc. AND it would help her feel more included.”

The OP attached several screenshots of Meri asking others to spend time at her house.

“In their book, Christine details how her children were frightened of Meri, particularly since she would take it upon herself to discipline them harshly,” another Redditor replies. “They have since played it off like it’s nothing, but Meri has also admitted to harbouring a lot of anger about her inability to have more children. She claims that the children liked hanging out at her place because it was quiet, but I personally don’t buy that. Meri has plenty of reasons to be bitter, don’t get me wrong, but I think she’s a mean person at her core.”

However, other fans thought that Kody Brown himself was behind the push to freeze out Meri. In more recent seasons, Kody admitted that he regrets his marriage to Meri and they no longer have an intimate relationship.

Sister Wives/TLC

So what do you think really happened behind the scenes? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Fans online believe the family patriarch uses his wives for one purpose

To make matters worse, a lot of Sister Wives fans believe that Kody Brown only gives his wives love and affection while they are still in their childbearing years. Many fans speculate Kody gave up on Meri once it became clear she wouldn’t have another child.

“Kody discards wives once they are done with child bearing,” one Reddit user wrote online. “I had an epiphany rewatching this show, and finding out Kody has not been intimate with Meri in over a decade. I am sure it wasn’t like that with the other wives? … He discarded Christine later on. Janelle he doesn’t need to, because she doesn’t need him. Why does he discard them? I truly believe that when the wives no longer want or can have children with him, he discards them like trash. He is a true narcissist.”

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