'Jeopardy!' Fans Offer Spelling Advice On Megan Wachpress' Final Day [Jeopardy | YouTube]

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Offer Spelling Advice On Megan Wachpress’ Final Day


Jeopardy! fans offered spelling advice on Megan Wachspress’ final day. Her lucky stream has come to an end. She lost on Wednesday after six consecutive wins. This comes after her controversial win in Friday’s game. Fans didn’t understand how she kept winning after that.

Others were sick of her wins and wanted her off to the show. The fans got their wishes granted when the game changed for Megan during the latest show. In the final round, fans also noticed a huge typo. The quiz show has been called out for its spelling errors before.

Final Jeopardy Typo [Jeopardy | YouTube]
[Jeopardy | YouTube]

Mayim Bialik backlash

Mayim Bialik has gotten her share of backlash as Jeopardy! host. She’s been hosting the show for the sixth week in a row. Both Ken Jennings and Bialik filled in for the late Alex Trebek after his passing in 2020. Season 37 was filled with celebrity guest hosts, including producer Mike Richards, who ended up with the job but stepped down due to his own controversies.

The hosting position is still open. Jeopardy! is said to announce the new permanent host by July 2022. The ratings jumped to 9.7 million viewers when Jennings made his first appearance as host. Mayim Bialik only pulled in 5.9 million viewers when she took over the podium. She has yet to beat Jennings’ ratings during Season 38.

Jeopardy Mayim Bialik Backlash [Jeopardy | YouTube]
[Jeopardy | YouTube]
Fans noticed a slight dip during the Memorial Day weekend. But, there were several factors into play. Despite the dip in ratings, Jeopardy! beat out Family Feud when it came to classic game shows. While some viewers think Bialik is a pleasant host, others wanted her canceled from the show.

They don’t like her off-putting commentary during the Q&A segments and her constant pauses. The latter issue is because she’s waiting for direction from the producers. This is not the case for Jennings, who knows the answers.

Jeopardy! called out for a major typo

Now, fans are calling out the show itself. On Wednesday’s show, the Final Jeopardy! clue read, “This author first thought of a parrot before choosing another bird equally capable of speech.” But the word “equally” had three “L’s” instead of two. Fans immediately noticed the major blooper and commented on it on Twitter.

  • “Someone tell the #Jeopardy clue writers not to lean on the L button next time.”
  • “I guess @jeopardy forgot to spell check their Final Jeopardy clue… #oops.”
  • “Gah! @Jeopardy misspelled a lil’ something.”
  • “Spellcheck might’ve been a good idea…”

During the final round, the correct response was Edgar Allen Poe. The question threw Megan off, making new contestant Jeff Weinstock the current champ. He won with a total of $11,202, while Megan won with only $2,000. This added to her overall total of $60,000.

What are your thoughts on the Final Jeopardy blooper? Did you catch the spelling error? Sound off below in the comment section.

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