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Exclusive Interview With Jody Rihn Of ‘Pig Royalty’

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If you aren’t watching Pig Royalty on Discovery + then you are missing out. This show takes you into the world of showing pigs and the rivalries that come out along with it. TV Shows Ace recently got the chance to talk to Jodi Rihn of Pig Royalty about their time on the show. One recent update is that her daughter Kammi recently had a baby.

Interview with Jodi Rihn of Pig Royalty

How did you end up on Pig Royalty?

“Michelle contacted us asking if we would like to be on a reality show. Initially, we were only meant to be extras for the show. The producers realized the rivalry we have had for years and the show ended up being about both of our families and the dynamics between us.”

Were you surprised when you heard they wanted to turn this into a reality show?

“We had no idea what we had gotten ourselves into and we’re quite shocked to find out how big of a role our family ended up playing in the show.”

How do you really feel about dealing with a rivalry on the show? It seems like you would prefer to stay out of the drama.

“I’m still unaware of where the relationship went wrong between the Balero’s and my family. We are homebodies and love being together as a family. Naturally, we love showing pigs because it takes the whole family. We were very shocked to learn how extreme the rivalry really was because we are just laid back “no drama” kind of people.”

Jody Rihn Discovery +
Jody, Kannen, and Josh watching Kammi train a pig.

Can you give us an update on the Tyler drama? Did you work things out?

“As of today the relationship we have with Tyler is nonexistent. There are lines that should never be crossed, and not only have they been crossed but flipped upside down as well. Team Rihn will continue on without Tyler. I have to admit it’s a lot quieter around here these days.”

Is anyone new on your team that you are excited about?

“In regards to new team members, we plan on sticking with our previous team. Alicia, Brandon’s girlfriend, has graduated, but we have no plans of replacing her. Still we never know what might be around the corner!”

What About Season 3?

Would you be willing to do Season 3?

“The family is kind of divided about possibly doing a season three. With the new baby, our lives have become crazier than ever so we plan to just roll with the punches. We still find it unbelievable that people all over the world are interested in our lives. I have always said we could make a Helluva reality show. I guess we will see!”

So far, Discovery + hasn’t shared if there will be a Season 3 of Pig Royalty but fans of the show are hopeful!


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