Ali Fedotowsky, YouTube

Ali Fedotowsky Shares Touching Story Meeting Sister She Never Knew

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Bachelorette alumni Ali Fedotowsky wasn’t looking for a long-lost family member when she took a DNA test. She wanted to know more about her grandmother, Molly. She knew taking the DNA test would show her more about her family tree and her heritage. Ali named her daughter after her grandmother because she was very special to her.

Ali Fedotowsky, YouTube
Ali Fedotowsky, YouTube

She said she’d always wanted to know things about her family and her grandmother. She focused on that goal so hard, that she didn’t even notice a result came up that she had a close family member. Read on to see how she finally found out about and met her sister.

Ali Fedotowsky Was Thrilled To Find Out She Had A Sister

Ali Fedotowsky didn’t know her sister was out there even after the DNA test showed her. It took her half-sister, Tonya, also taking a DNA test and matched with Ali. She found out according to US Weekly, that an “immediate family member,” meant Ali was her, “grandma, aunt, or half-sibling.”

Ali Fedotowsky, Instagram
Ali Fedotowsky, Instagram

Ali said she didn’t pay attention because she assumed she already knew her immediate family members. She’s thrilled Tonya reached out to her. The two recently spent some time together and she shared on Instagram a post saying, “we had the absolute best few days with my sister, her husband Sonny, and my two nephews. All people that I didn’t even know existed just one year ago.” She said fans had asked her how they found each other and she was happy to share the crazy story.

They Got Along Famously Right Away

Ali Fedotowsky said her sister is, “funny, laid-back [and] down to earth.” She said even if she wasn’t her sister, she’d still want to be her friend. She said when Tonya first googled her name a lot of Bachelorette stuff came up so she reached out to her dad first. Then he was able to connect them.

Ali Fedowtowsky, Instagram
Ali Fedotowsky, Instagram

Ali said finding her sister was the biggest blessing and so unexpected but great. In the pictures, you can see the cousins getting to know each other and Fedotowsky’s two kids Molly and Riley playing with Tonya’s children. People have been going crazy on her Instagram trying to figure out how her dad didn’t know and asking for the full details.  Ali added a comment, “I guess I probably should’ve added that my dad didn’t know he had another daughter before this either. And the whole family is overjoyed!”

One fan posted, “friendly reminder that it’s Ali’s choice how much she shares and it doesn’t matter if you think she left out details. No one is entitled to her family business.” What do you think about Ali’s experience? Have you ever taken a DNA test and found out something interesting you didn’t know? Comment below with your thoughts.

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