‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown’s Escape From Utah Scene All Fake?

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Sister Wives fans watched the family have their series of ups and downs. Unfortunately, one of their biggest hurdles started in the second season. Kody felt he was at risk of getting arrested once polygamy was criminalized in Utah. Therefore they fled to Las Vegas and started a completely new life. Yet was this whole escape scenario fake and just for dramatic effect?

Sister Wives On The Move

Everything was just fine and dandy when the Browns were introduced to the world in 2010. Kody had his three wives and twelve kids with another one on the way. They all lived under one roof and wanted to share what a real plural family looked like and how well they functioned. Plus, HBO’s Big Love was highly successful so a reality version of that was exactly what the world needed at the time. Kody was also adding a fourth wife, Robyn to the group so it was even more intriguing. Though she was joining a plural family and bringing her three kids from a previous marriage, there was one caveat. They were never going to be living in the single-family home.


Robyn and her children were originally living five hours away but once she and Kody got engaged, the family moved her around the corner. Soon enough, there were sixteen children, four wives, and polygamy was criminalized which meant fear for the family. No longer were they living under the radar but on a popular reality television show. Having grown up in the lifestyle, Christine understood the dangers of staying in Utah. The next thing they knew, everyone was feverishly packing up their beloved Utah home and heading to the safe arms of Vegas. Yet was it all a little too dramatic?

Making A Scene

In late 2011, the Sister Wives family made a dramatic exit from Utah, time was of the essence. It appears fans have rewatched the clip, posted it on Reddit, and a thread was started. Now, Kody has always been a tad extra but some viewers are starting to think this particular scene was actually set up rather than organic. At one time, as they are racing to leave, a siren is heard and Kody panics. This also adds to the building questions on authenticity.



  • “Why would the police have their siren on to come arrest them anyway lmao. They are so over the top.”
  • “There have been confirmations from people – I wish I could remember where – that the whole thing was staged this way for the show. As someone who has lived in Salt Lake City on the same block (yes within the city!!!) as polygamists… it’s sort of not as unusual as you would think. They usually hide out more than the other neighbors, and that starts to give it away.”
  • “I’m 100% sure the adults were being overly dramatic for the sake of the show. The kids, though, seemed genuinely traumatized and stressed out. As a parent, I can’t believe anyone would purposely traumatize their kids for the sake of being on TV.”

The general consensus is that this was pretty much a staged or exaggerated scene. Yet, many people know that reality is not truly always real. Are you surprised that their escape was not as “serious” as they made it out to be? Let us know in the comments.

Amanda Nowitz

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