Scott Disick Is Actually Just Like Everybody Else, See How? [KUWTK | YouTube]

Scott Disick Is Actually Just Like Everybody Else, See How?

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Scott Disick is just like us. Even though he prefers to refer to himself as the “Lord,” he revealed that he likes to live simply. Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend became known for dating young models, driving around in sports cars, and flying in his private plane. He’s always flexing about his lavish lifestyle on Instagram.

However, Scott revealed that he is actually a simple man. Fans are stunned that he has a normal refrigerator in his $6 million home. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Kris Jenner showed off her massive refrigerator and freezer, which includes green vegetables and ice creams of all kinds.

On the other hand, Scott Disick doesn’t live that kind of life. Read on to see what he does with his refrigerator.

Scott Disick Lives Simply [KUWTK | YouTube]
[KUWTK | YouTube]

Scott Disick loves to live simply

The Kardashian-Jenner clan loves to be over the top when it comes to their parties and standards of living. Kourtney owned more than one Christmas tree. Kris and her daughter Khloe Kardashian are similar when it comes to their neatly organized pantries and refrigerators. Yet, Scott Disick could care less when it comes to that aspect of his life.

A Kardashian fan on TikTok shared a clip of their “favorite scene” from the new Hulu series, which ended earlier this month. The video shows Scott Disick talking to his seven-year-old son Reign. Some of the questions included “what grade are you in?” and “how old are you?”

Scott Disick Shocks Fans With Fridge [KUWTK | YouTube]
[KUWTK | YouTube]
The father of three then asks him, “What’s your IQ?” Reign looked stumped by that question. “I have no idea what that means,” he responded. His 9-year-old sister Penelope laughed in amusement.

It was a rare and fun moment between Scott and his kids. He’s usually seen hanging out with models around Tinseltown. Kourtney’s ex refuses to settle down, even though she’s clearly moved on. In May 2022, she married Travis Barker in a lavish ceremony in Palermo, Italy.


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Kardashian fans were shocked over his fridge

Most fans weren’t paying attention to that scene of Scott Disick and his kids. They were more shocked by his fridge. They can’t believe that he doesn’t have the same expensive appliance as the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner family. Most of them sounded off in the comment section.

  • “At least Scott has a normal fridge.”
  • “Their fridge looks normal.”
  • “In Kourtney’s house all she has in her fridge is organic foods and Scott’s isn’t that…”

Scott Disick shares Reign, Penelope, and Mason, 12, with Kourtney. She also has a fancy fridge in her home, which she now shares with Travis. It’s stacked with coconut water, ginger ale, and organic apple juice. She’s all about health and wellness, which inspired her to launch her lifestyle site, Poosh.

What are your thoughts on Scott Disick’s fridge? Does it surprise you that it’s normal? Sound off below in the comment section.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Scott Disick.

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