‘Love Island’ Millie Court Embraces Extra Pounds In Tiny Bikini

Millie Court

Love Island star Millie Court recently confessed how gaining some weight after the show helped boost her confidence. The British social media influencer mentioned that she loved her size 10 physique compared to her size 6 body. Millie won the ITV2 dating show Love Island with her boyfriend, Liam Reardon.

Ever since the show came to its conclusion, the winner has put on some weight, and she doesn’t shy away from embracing the change. Fans even assumed that the 24-year-old was pregnant, given the weight gain.

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She mentioned that she was size 6 back when the show aired. Since then, the model has switched to a size 10 body. However, she prefers the latter curves as she’s got her boobs back. The ASOS face is also a part of Essex and has now learned to be confident and in love with her new body.

She also added that she loves the added lift to her bum and adores her curves. The Love Island star recently railed against ITV after a Love Island promo made her look 40 due to her new weight and unkempt look.

Millie Court Despises Her New Promo Look On Love Island

Right before the launch of the new Love Island series, the model shared the promo on social media, stating that the picture would haunt her until the day she died. She also added that the award for the worst press picture throughout the history of the ITV show Love Island goes to her.

As per The Sun, the reality TV star was also stunned at her hair & makeup in the promo. Millie also added that her friend informed her that everyone was taken aback when the promo was launched, asking who the 40-year-old lookalike was. They also stated that the picture looks like one of a mum dropping her kids off at the school gate.

The millionaire also launched a poll to get answers to her question from the fans. In the post, she wrote, “Let us settle this.” She asked whether she looks like a 40-year-old school mom or a perfect representation of a reality show winner.

Dealing With The Urge To Become Skinny For Reality-TV

Earlier this year, the reality star revealed the extreme body preparations she had to go through to be ready for villa-mode in the reality show. She mentioned that her body fluctuated between a size 8 and 10. But, mostly, it was 10. She was happy with how she looked and didn’t even think twice about it.

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However, as weeks passed by and Love Island was about to start soon, she felt that she needed to drop some pounds. Self-doubt crept into her mind after she saw herself surrounded by slim, beautiful girls. She also mentioned her workout routine and how she ate only salad for lunch.

This lifestyle did help her lose some weight but also made her miserable. However, the reality show winner is now confident in her body regardless of the insensitive comments received on social media.

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