Mama June’s Daughters Hold Sisterly Reunion, Anna All Smiles

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Mama June is off enjoying newlywed life with her new husband Justin Stroud. Back in Georgia, her daughters are celebrating two new additions to the family. Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Efird confirmed the birth of her twins with her husband Josh after much speculation. Now, a special member of the family is making a surprise appearance for the occasion and everyone is beyond thrilled.

Mama June, Where Is She?

This could have been a very promising season for June. When it started, she realized that her boyfriend, Geno Doak was just too toxic for her so she plotted her exit. She ended up at her daughter, Pumpkin’s house, which was already full. She and her husband had taken in two of her sisters and had two children of her own. At the same time, Pumpkin was bitter that her mother missed the birth of her second child, Bentley. June had gone MIA but they had seen her on TikTok back to her old tricks. Within a few weeks, she had left them behind for a man in Alabama and that was where she met her new husband, Justin Stroud.


It seems she has not changed her ways and is always putting men before her kids, something her sister Doe Doe has brought up. Back in April 2022, news broke that Pumpkin was expecting twins. No one from the camp actually came out and confirmed it but at the end of May, sources claimed she had given birth. Everyone stayed silent until June grew tired of people thinking she was being a bad mom and grandma. She then confirmed the existence of the twins and that she had been there the day they were born. However, she had to leave right after for a vacation and then stayed in Alabama for Justin. It appears she has yet to go back and visit but someone else has.

And Anna Makes Four

Once Here Comes Honey Boo Boo ended, Mama June’s eldest daughter Anna ‘Chickadee’ Cardwell wanted nothing more to do with the show. She got married, had another child, got divorced, and is now in another serious relationship. Fans have been wondering what her relationship is like with her family and if she will return to television. Recently, she appeared on TikTok with Doe Doe and they both shared that they love Dralin Carswell. He is the boyfriend of Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson so that shows Anna is still involved in her little sister’s life.


The Sun is now reporting that Anna also got together with her sisters Pumpkin and Jessica to see the newborn twins Sylus and Stella. She has not been seen with the family at any events in a year. The last time was for Bentley’s baby shower but now, she is a frequent guest, according to a source. “Anna has been over quite a bit lately, lending a hand with the twins and Bentley, while her daughters entertain Pumpkin’s oldest daughter, Ella.” She appeared to be all smiles as she headed to her sister’s home. Currently, she is still estranged from her mother.

Are you happy to see the girls back together? Let us know in the comments and watch Mama June: Road to Redemption Fridays on WeTV.

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  1. I enjoy the entire series. The latest story of the dusters coming together is wonderful for them. There’s a lot of love in that family. I wish them well. I hope wherever the their journeys bring them that they will stick together and live a good life.

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