John Hersey RUSHES To Katie Thurston’s Rescue

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John Hersey and Katie Thurston broke up after less than a year together. So why is he rushing to her rescue? Get all the details.

Bachelorette star splits with boyfriend

During Season 17 of The Bachelorette, Katie Thurston thought she had found her forever love. She got engaged to Canadian heartthrob Blake Moynes at the end of the season. 

However, their relationship didn’t last. A month after confirming her split with Moynes, she had moved on.

Thurston had reconnected with her former suitor John Hersey. Their friendship blossomed into romance.

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John Hersey and Katie Thurston/Credit: John Hersey Instagram

But just eight months later, that relationship was over, too.

Katie Thurston wrote a cryptic post on her Instagram that simply said, “Statement: no we aren’t together.”

As Bachelor Nation fans speculated about the meaning, John Hersey confirmed the breakup.

“As Katie stated earlier, we are no longer dating,” he wrote on social media.

So, if they’re broken up why did he rush to her rescue?

John Hersey rushes to Katie Thurston’s rescue

Katie Thurston is among the most polarizing Bachelorette leads in recent years. Her s*x-positive stance riled some viewers. Who could forget her introduction to Season 26 Bachelor Matt James was her presenting him with a vibrator?

Many weren’t happy with her split from Moynes. To make matters worse, she announced her new relationship in a way some felt was insensitive.

Dubbed “12 days of messy,” she used Taylor Swift songs to relate to her Bachelorette suitors. She used day 12 to confirm her relationship with Hersey.

One of her haters took to the comments on Instagram about the breakup. “I feel like Katie is the reason she can’t get a guy,” the troll wrote on the @bachelorwhatever Instagram comment section. 

John Hersey saw the post and rushed to Katie’s defense.

“You will speak a finite number of words throughout your life. I urge you to speak more kindly,” he began.

Hersey further defended his ex, “I have never been so supported or unconditionally loved by a partner.”

“Assuming and implying that Katie is doing anything wrong does not sit right with me,” he added.

Credit: @bachelorwhatever Instagram

It’s unclear if Katie Thurston saw her ex coming to her defense. However, several social media users praised John Hersey’s kindness.

“John, you are such an admirable guy,” one person wrote in a reply to Hersey’s statement.

you’re a sweetheart, as always,” another wrote.

Does it surprise you that John Hersey rushed to Katie Thurston’s defense? Is there any hope the two can remain friends? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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