Todd Chrisley Remains ‘Steadfast In Faith’ As Savannah Loses It

Todd, Savannah Chrisley feature

Todd Chrisley and his beautiful wife Julie dropped a new podcast episode last week (like they do every week). This episode of Chrisley Confessions was special, however, because fans had pretty high expectations. Todd and Julie knew this. He kicked off the podcast noting that he was well aware of fans hoping and expecting them to address their current situation following their guilty verdict.

Todd tells his listeners that he appreciates their love and support. He proceeds to encourage fans to be patient and respectful of his family as he navigates this difficult time. Both Todd and his daughter Savannah explained that they are legally not allowed to discuss their current situation. So, fans will have to respect that. Todd, however, reassures fans that “everything” will come out.

Savannah, Todd, Julie Chrisley - YouTube
Savannah, Todd, Julie Chrisley – YouTube

Todd Chrisley remains “steadfast in faith” while Savannah struggles

As TvShowsAce previously reported, Savannah Chrisley broke her silence with a statement on her Instagram profile. She kicked off by begging her followers to “be kind.” In a separate report, TvShowsAce also noted that Savannah was struggling to hold on to her faith and felt as though God had betrayed her and her family. She, however, hoped there was a bigger plan as she fought to hold on.

Todd Chrisley, however, wasn’t faltering in his faith the same way as his daughter. He told his podcast listeners that he was “steadfast” in his faith. And, that he continued to have complete trust in God. He noted that he was sure God would do what he did best. So, he would just continue to move forward and trust in his faith.

Todd and Savannah Chrisley, Youtube

Julie and her husband thank their fans and followers

Todd and Julie revealed that fans have been wildly supportive during this heartbreaking and difficult time. He said that fans are delivering flowers and tokens of support from all over the world. He also reports getting groceries and snacks from all over the world. Todd and Julie admit the love and support from fans allows them to continue to get out of bed.

Todd Chrisley Talks Power Of God [Credit: Todd Chrisley/Instagram]
[Credit: Todd Chrisley/Instagram]
He, however, wanted to clarify they don’t NEED their fans to send them things to know they care. Todd and Julie also apologize for not being able to answer all of their messages of support as they are getting thousands of them every day.

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  1. I’m totally concerned about the chrisleys and the jail time they face. I often wonder when people who are well-known like the chrisleys come into jail and how the other inmates treat them. I’m concerned about Nanny faye and her cancer issues and how do we who is a cancer survivor will navigate jail if that is what ends up happening. I want them to know I am praying for them. Give me anything a hug for me and tell her I just love her. From one old lady to another she just makes me laugh.

  2. I love the Chrisleys but if this is true they deserve prison time. You have honest people out here working just trying to make ends meet then you have them basically stealing. I pray that grandma and the kids get through this ok.

  3. sending prayers to them all. it’s not like they have murdered anyone. they should have to pay back what maybe owed like anyone else has to. life isn’t always fair but neither is a lot of other things. this is a family that entertains so much more.

  4. But nobody is going to mention Donald Trump and how much taxes he’s paid, or better yet hasn’t..

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