‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Marcus Epps’ Domestic Violence Past

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The Epps family just joined Seeking Sister Wife this season and already, there is so much scandal around them. It really does not help that Marcus Epps is an in-office councilman, to boot. So while they are pursuing a new woman on the show, more details about his history keep emerging.

The Epps Family Is Seeking Sister Wife With Scandals

Right before Season 4 began, a few scandals revolving around Marcus Epps came out. Fans immediately called for them to be removed but the show went on, business as usual. He and his wife Taryn have been together for over a decade, having met in college. When she discovered he was being unfaithful, she left him with their daughter. At the same time, he met India and the two got engaged. Within a year, Taryn wanted to try to work things out but Marcus did not want to give up his new fiancee. Ultimately, the two women agreed to work together and have a polygamous relationship. They have a great connection and everything works out well but now they want to add a third woman, one that blends well with everyone.


Marcus is courting Bina who he has known for a very long time and there seems to be a great connection. Yet, underneath is a lot of stuff that keeps getting unveiled. First, Marcus has ten children from various partners. Next up, he owes 12k in back taxes and has not paid his property taxes since 2019. Then, there is the house he owns that went up in flames and had violations. When it had a search warrant after the fire, Marcus claimed it was all political. Seemingly nothing was done to the home, it was left dilapidated. Finally, someone was shot and killed at an after-hours club that was operated by Marcus. It remains unsolved but his past gets sketchier.

The Worst Of The Worst

According to The Sun, Marcus has a past of domestic violence. He was arrested and found guilty in 2008 though he initially pleaded not guilty. His bond was set at 5K though it was dropped. All files regarding the trial have since been destroyed as the time lapsed has been fourteen years now. He is not the first cast member to deal with a scandal. Last season, Dimitri and Ashley Snowden came under fire for domestic abuse toward Christeline Petersen.


At the time, the show was midseason so no one knew where the couple would end up. Ultimately, Dimitri and Christeline had legally tied the know. However, that had yet to be shown on the show so post-filming, there were abuse allegations and a temporary restraining order against Dimitri. More victims came out against the Snowdens and his spiritual wife, Ashley ended up leaving him. Fans are believing they truly need to vet these people better.

What are your thoughts on Marcus Epps? Let us know and watch Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC.

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