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Whitney Way Thore Shares Personal Abnormality With Fans

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MBFFL star Whitney Way Thore is all about body positivity. However, she took to her Instagram to share a personal abnormality that makes her feel a little insecure. Read on for all the details.

My Big Fat Fab Life promotes body positivity

Whitney Way Thore’s life changed in 2014. While working at a radio station, a video she made called “A Fat Girl Dancing” went viral. As a result, she made appearances on various popular TV news programs, including The Today Show.

The head honchos at TLC decided to make a reality show based on Thore’s life. My Big Fat Fabulous Life premiered in 2015.  The series documents Whitney’s journey as she navigates life and love as a larger woman.

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Whitney Way Thore/Credit: Whitney Way Thore Instagram

She used her TV fame to create the No BS Active fitness and lifestyle program. Thore is all about body positivity, but she can also admit to some of her perceived flaws. Like what?

Whitney Way Thore shared personal abnormality

Whitney Way Thore has never been shy about flaunting her plus-size body. However, she’s also vulnerable about her insecurities.

The reality star took to her Instagram to share a real look at a body abnormality she discovered.

In the photo, Whitney Way Thore is wearing a lowcut black and white top. Her straightened hair cascades over her shoulder. Thore’s eyebrows are on point. In fact, no one could look at the photo and point out any flaws.

But Whitney can.

POV: you’ve just realized how different your nostrils are,” the caption reads.

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Credit: Whitney Way Thore Instagram

Fans of the MBFFL star flocked to the comments to respond to Thore gently roasting herself.

Many dropped compliments about Thore’s appearance.

“Still hawt,” one comment read. “You’re so beautiful Whit,” another follower wrote.

In addition to compliments, several people mentioned the TLC show.

One excited fan wrote, “Cant wait for the new season ahh!!!

When is the show coming back on,” another follower asked.

While Whitney Way Thore didn’t respond to any questions about her show, we have the details on Season 10.

When does Season 10 premiere on TLC?

Whitney Way Thore doesn’t plan to be on reality TV forever. But in the meantime, MBFFL is returning for Season 10.

She dropped the news last month that a premiere date has been set.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life returns to TLC on Tuesday, August 9.

The reality star has been posting a lot of photos on social media with her ex, Lennie. But fans will have to wait for the new season to find out if they are back together or just friends.

Are you excited for Season 10 of MBFFL? What do you think of Whitney Way Thore’s personal abnormality? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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