‘Unexpected’ Kylen Smith Challenged, Lashes Out

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Unexpected was filled with an immense amount of drama this season. Much of it was caused by Jason Korpi and his girlfriend Kylen Smith. She appeared to only get more combative when he did not feel she was defending him enough. Then she would get rough and tough. That seemingly has just occurred and it was not pretty.

An Unexpected Conflict

Jason has been combative since the beginning and that has been the main reason why viewers wanted him gone. He dictated everything to Kylen when it came to her pregnancy. It came to a point where she could not even choose where she having her baby or if an epidural was okay. When she did choose to have an epidural based on the doctor’s advice, Jason lost it. So much so that he was removed from the hospital. For the last handful of episodes, he did not let it go and made her seem like the devil. At the tel-all, he refused to take any accountability for being atrocious. Their show co-stars expected so much more from him and they were livid when they saw him just sitting and smirking. It got even worse when his father, Scott commended his behavior.


After the tell-all, Kylen messaged co-star Tyra Boisseau, who joined in Season 3, to berate her. She wanted to remind her that they would not have had a show without her and Jason. However, Tyra had a poll to prove that she was actually the most popular one on the show. Many fans believed it was actually Jason doing the messaging and that Kylen had no control over her own life. That is what her co-stars have been most fearful of, that Kylen is trapped and just needs to be free. Now, she is back to engaging with people who disagree with her and it is not pretty.

A Bad Message

Apparently, Kylen got into it with Kelsie, a woman with an Instagram presence. Apparently, Kelsie has posted stuff about Kylen but everything she has shared has already been seen on Unexpected. It is not new information. Therefore, she has no idea why the teen mom is so enraged and lashing out at her. Kylen alleges that this is all a way to get their son, Xavier taken away from her. She wants the record set straight at this point.


For Kelsie’s side, she just does not like to be threatened. She would much rather have a reasonable conversation with Kylen. Additionally, she reminds Kylen that she and Jason just faked a pregnancy which does not bode well for them. Finally, Kylen still maintains that she and Jason are the reason for the success of the TLC show.

Are you surprised she is so combative and do you actually think she wrote these messages? Let us know.


Amanda Nowitz

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