Amy Halterman Excitement Over New Baby Cannot Be Contained

Amy Halterman from TLC

1000-Lb. Sisters fans know that Amy Halterman is due in just a few more weeks. She will finally give birth to her second son on July 5.

Amy has always been really open and honest about her pregnancy with fans, which makes some of them feel like she’s been pregnant for quite some time.

Now that the TLC star is in the final stretch, she’s really starting to get excited about the new baby. Keep reading to see what she had to say.

Amy Halterman is hyping up fans for the birth of her second child

Amy Halterman previously stated that she scheduled a C-section for July 5, 2022. That means it’s just a matter of weeks until her new son is here. However, she’s keeping his name under wraps until he finally makes his grand entrance.

But in the meantime, Amy is getting really excited as she waits to welcome her son. And she’s hyping fans up in the meantime too.

Amy Halterman/TLC

“15 more day until I get to hold my baby boy!!!” the TLC star posted on her Instagram page. She also revealed her unborn son is about the size of a head of romaine lettuce at the moment.

The home stretch now, wishing you a safe delivery 🥰💙” wrote one of Amy’s followers

Wishing you a speedy, smooth delivery 😍” added another fan. 

So far, Amy hasn’t posted much about her personal life aside from her pregnancy. It’s entirely possible that 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 4 is already filming and she’s not allowed to say much online. Her older sister Tammy Slaton confirmed that the family has contracts with TLC that prevent them from giving away too much information on their social media channels.

Amy Halterman Baby Number Two Due Update
Amy Halterman/Instagram

If 1000-Lb. Sisters does indeed come back for Season 4, fans can perhaps expect to see the final days of Amy’s pregnancy play out on screen. It will be really exciting to see Amy raise her two little boys on the show.

The TLC personality prepares to become a mother of two

This year, Amy Halterman really enjoyed her Mother’s Day with her son Gage. But it will be the last Mother’s Day where she only has one little boy to celebrate with. Next May, there will be two adorable little Halterman boys to celebrate with her.

“Happy mother’s day to everyone. I’m cuddling with the cutest t bird ever,” Amy captioned her adorable Instagram post during the holiday weekend last month. She shared an adorable photo of Gage wearing a T-bird shirt and sticking his tongue out at the camera.

Fans hope the new baby will be just as sweet and fun-loving as his brother.

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Stay tuned for news on Amy’s baby and the possibility of Season 4!

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