Love Island: Voluptuous Millie Court Regains Her Confidence [Love Island UK | YouTube]

‘Love Island’: Voluptuous Millie Court Regains Her Confidence

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Love Island alum Millie Court regained her confidence after she appeared on the dating series. She admitted that “putting on loads of weight” made her feel better about herself. Millie loves to wow her fans with her dazzling selfies and bikini photos on Instagram. The show already had its share of shocking moments after the premiere.

It’s also been criticized for how it causes body image issues with both the viewers and the contestants. The girls look picture-perfect in their glamorous looks and colorful bikinis. One of those women included Millie Court, who opened up about her body insecurities since leaving the villa.

Millie Court On Love Island [Love Island UK | YouTube]
[Love Island UK | YouTube]

How Millie Court got her confidence back

In an exclusive interview with Cosmopolitan UK, the former Love Islander talked about her body image journey. She took part in the outlet’s Text on the Beach series. Millie first appeared on Love Island UK last season. Ever since she left the dating series, she’s had a new point of view on body image.

The reality star gained “loads of weight” and regained her confidence. Millie is now a voluptuous beauty, as seen on her Instagram account. The influencer loves her body as it is now. When Millie first appeared on Love Island, she felt the pressure to be as skinny as possible.

Love Island: Millie Court Felt Pressure To Be Thin [Love Island UK | YouTube]
[Love Island UK | YouTube]
Even fans of the show noticed her weight gain in just a short amount of time. Some asked her offensive questions about her body. Millie revealed that some fans wondered if she got pregnant after the show. But, she had to focus on her own happiness and what made her felt good about herself.

“There was a point where people thought I was pregnant because I was putting on loads of weight,” Millie told Cosmpolitan UK. “When I was on Love Island I was a size 6 but now I’m a size 10.”

Tackling Love Island body image issues

Millie loves the size she is now. She wouldn’t go back to being a size 6. The model loves that she has “curves” and her “bum back.” The former Love Island star doesn’t care what critics or tabloids have to say about her weight gain.

Earlier this year, Millie shared what she put her body through before joining the villa. She admitted that her body was “unhealthily skinny.” The television personality felt “the need to lose several pounds.” At the time, she felt insecure about being “surrounded by beautiful, slim girls.”

Voluptuous Millie Court Bikini Photo [Millie Court | Instagram]
[Millie Court | Instagram]
Millie worked out every day of the week. She only ate salad for lunch and very little in between. She felt “miserable” from extreme dieting. She’s slowly grown to love her body, the way it is. Millie ignores the “insensitive” comments she gets about her shapely figure on social media.

What are your thoughts on Millie’s weight gain? Are you surprised that Love Island contributes to body image issues? Do you agree? Sound off below in the comment section.

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