How Todd & Julie Chrisley Dealt With Chloe Being Bullied

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On Todd and Julie Chrisley’s most recent episode (187) of Chrisley Confessions, they received a phone call from a viewer asking how they selected schools for their children. The caller noted they lived in Nashville and there were so many options it was a bit overwhelming. Julie Chrisley was first to chime in with an answer.

Julie Chrisley gives advice on choosing a school in Nashville

According to Julie Chrisley, there are tons of private school options in Nashville. She, however, urged the caller not to count out public schools. Because there are a lot of great public school options in the area too. Chrisley Confessions listeners were not necessarily buying that Todd and Julie would have entertained the idea of public school for their children.

Julie and Todd took a bit of a turn in the conversation as they discussed Chloe going to school. The couple admits the first school they selected for their daughter/granddaughter wasn’t a good fit. Todd explained that the student community wasn’t very diverse when it came to race. Julie clarified they did have a few other children of color. Chloe, however, was alone and secluded in her classroom.

@juliechrisley Instagram
@juliechrisley Instagram

According to the couple, Chloe Chrisley ended up being an easy target for bullying because of her skin color. Todd claimed the girls in her class were cruel to Chloe because she was a little different.

Her parents/grandparents explain that they did something at school one day involving their imagination. Chloe Chrisley had her heart set on being a unicorn with the other girls. The other girls in the classroom told Chloe she could NOT be a unicorn. Todd and Julie explained they told her unicorns were white, not black. According to Todd, the girls also took issue with her dark curly hair.

Todd Chrisley gave in to a desire

In addition to pulling her from the school and finding something with a more diverse student base, Todd gave in to something he had previously said no to. Chloe had been begging and begging Todd and Julie to straighten her hair.

Todd, however, admits he refused to let anyone touch Chloe’s hair with any type of heat. He loved her beautiful and natural curls. He didn’t want anyone to ruin them. He, however, caved after a stylist promised they could straighten her hair without damaging those beautiful girls. Todd admitted Chloe looked beautiful with her hair straight. He, however, didn’t like how much older it made her look.

Todd and Chloe Chrisley/Instagram
Todd and Chloe Chrisley/Instagram

Todd Chrisley was happy to tell fans that Chloe was in a much better place. He said that she’d reached a point where she embraced her skin color and her gorgeous curls.

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