Lindsie & Emmy Offer Distraught Savannah Chrisley Sisterly Support

Savannah - Lindsie - Emmy - Chrisley

Lindsie Chrisley and Emmy Medders made it clear that a very distraught and emotional Savannah has two sets of sisterly shoulders to lean on for support. It was just yesterday that Savannah took to her Instagram profile to issue a bit of a statement on what was going on with her family. Fans know her parents recently received a guilty verdict for bank fraud and tax evasion. Likewise, Nanny Faye is also undergoing treatment for bladder cancer.

As TvShowsAce previously reported, Savannah Chrisley took to Instagram to beg fans to show her family some kindness during this difficult time. She noted that it was the one and only thing she would ask of the people following the family “to be kind.”

In the comments, fans saw a few familiar faces popping up. Showing Savannah some support. Giving her some shoulders to lean on or cry into. These shoulders were none other than her half-sister Lindsie Chrisley and her brother Chase’s current girlfriend, Emmy Medders.

Savannah Chrisley Transforms Into Human Size Barbie, Embraces Plastic? [Credit: Savannah Chrisley/Instagram]
[Credit: Savannah Chrisley/Instagram]

Emmy Medders and Lindsie Chrisley support Savannah

Both Lindsie and Emmy kept their comments on Savannah’s statement simple. But, they wanted it to be known that they stood by her and were there to support her. Lindsie posted one red heart and Emmy posted several white hearts. Both Emmy and Lindsie’s comments were liked over 100 times by Savannah’s fans and followers. They loved knowing she had plenty of people to lean on for support.

Chrisley Knows Best Chase Chrisley Emmy Medders hikes a knee feature
Instagram Emmy Medders

They received a lot of backlash for supporting their sister

Sadly, both Lindsie and Emmy also received a pretty massive about of backlash for their decision to support Savannah. Lindsie more so than Emmy, but there wasn’t a lot of love in the comments responding to the young women. One fan noted Lindsie had some nerve even leaving a comment of support as many believe she caused this to begin with. Other fans, however, rushed to Lindsie’s defense noting that she had NOTHING to do with Todd and Julie’s court trial. Likewise, fans noted Lindsie had gone on record saying she would never do anything to hurt her parents or her family.

Lindsie Chrisley/Savannah Chrisley/Instagram
Lindsie Chrisley/Savannah Chrisley/Instagram

In response to Emmy’s support, one fan noted she felt “fake” and they really didn’t care for her. Sadly, Emmy has received some backlash for dating Chase. Some think she is just after his money and fame. Others, however, think Emmy should dump Chase because he’s an immature player and she could do much better.

Do you love knowing that Emmy Medders and Lindsie Chrisley are giving Savannah the support she needs? Are fans being too hard on this family? Let us know in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on the Chrisley family.

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  1. I love the chrisley people need to leave all there bad comment to there self they got feeling and a heart like everyone they are not the only one who make a mistake so please give them room to recover from this

    1. No sympathy, whatsoever ever for the family that was caught lying and cheating. I’m pissed that I invested my laughter and concern for their family before their convictions for years. I only sympathize with Faye at this time. This family is a joke asking for kindness during their tough situations like I’ll feel sorry that they paid for mansions, clothing, food, trips with ill gotten gains.

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