‘Unexpected’: Kylen Smith And Jason Korpi Still Together?

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Unexpected couple Jason Korpi and Kylen Smith had a very rough season. It did not end well by any account and some viewers have questioned if they are still together. So, what is their current status? Read on to find out.

The Unexpected Duo That Never Should Be

Kylen and Jason should never have ended up together but they did. They sought one another out and ended up in a relationship. Then they discovered that they were expecting their first child since he hated protection. Openly, he said that he never used it since the age of sixteen. Kylen revealed that he put it on and then took it off, so it should have been no surprise that she got pregnant. He claims he was excited though he never planned on it happening so fast. Jason was beyond controlling and manipulative the entire pregnancy. Fans could not get over how he dictated the birthing plan he wanted: a home birth. That was not what made Kylen comfortable as she preferred the hospital.


He also said no drugs, especially an epidural but that was thrown out the window when she started to suffer maternal exhaustion. She had been in labor for an excessive period of time and it was the best option for safe delivery. This caused Jason to flip out and get thrown out of the hospital. Finally, he was allowed back in but stayed bitter for the rest of the season, even holding back the baby from Kylen. In the season finale, she walked away and he declared he was free. During the first half of the tell-all, he felt she was not defending him enough. Therefore, he told her he did not want to date her anymore. So, what happened next?

Together Forever?

Kylen’s co-stars were adamant that she deserved better. They felt she was trapped in a bad situation. Despite Jason telling her that he did not want to date her anymore, Kylen stuck by him. She returned to the stage with him when he wanted to make a closing statement. It never happened and she claimed that they were very happy. Kylen maintained they had both apologized for any wrongdoing which made the other girls livid. What exactly did Kylen do wrong? She left with him, his family, and his father said he very proud of both of them.


As of now, it appears the Unexpected couple is very much together. Kylen still has his name and a heart on her Instagram and they have a joint CashApp account. Seems fans and followers can send them money if the mood strikes. Only time will tell where this relationship will lead. Guess they can end it and then get back together on repeat and that is considered healthy and normal for them. Are you surprised that they are still together? Let us know in the comments below.

Amanda Nowitz

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  1. That poor girl and her parents. I don’t understand why Kylen isn’t living at home with her parents. Especially since her dad is very sick. Her mother and father clearly miss her and love her. It seems her dad would like to spend what time he has left with his daughter and grandchild, but is Jason controlling that, also?? She needs to open her eyes ad see what is happening to her. He is VERY controlling. I’m afraid he will eventually abuse her physically, since he already abuses her emotionally and verbally, when he doesn’t get his way, or he doesn’t like what she says or does. Sending prayers for her safety, both emotionally and physically.

  2. Why in the world would anyone want to donate money to them? As his Dad said, Jason has two hands and strong back. Time for him to quit acting like a baby, get to work and take care of his family. Statistics say a teen mom will get pregnant again within 18 months. Since he doesn’t like to use “protection”, it seems likely that they will be expecting again shortly. He better grow up!!

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