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Do Mainstream LDS Members Watch ‘Sister Wives’ On TLC?

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Sister Wives on TLC explores the lives of the Brown family. They practice a fundamentalist version of Mormonism where polygamy is a core component of the faith. However, that’s also what puts them at odds with many members of the mainstream LDS church.

So what do members of the mainstream LDS church really think about the Sister Wives family and the show overall? Keep reading to see what a few viewers had to say.

Sister Wives actually does have quite a few viewers that are members of the LDS church

The Brown family often clashes with the leaders of the mainstream LDS church. But even so, it doesn’t stop them from sharing their beliefs on Sister Wives. But what do members of the LDS church think about the Browns and their lifestyle?

“I’m curious, are there any LDS people that watch SW?” one Redditor asked. “I have the understanding that LDS don’t really like FLDS because of the connection people make with the two, but I’d like to know if that is actually true or not and they like all this FLDS TV?”

Surprisingly enough, there were actually several responders that claimed to be Mormons and also enjoyed Sister Wives.

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“I grew up mainstream LDS and I was a devout member into my 30s,” one Reddit user replied, admitting they were curious about the shows. “…I was uncomfortable when anyone tried to draw comparisons between the polygamous sects and the mainstream one because my experiences were far tamer than what I saw depicted in these shows. Once I actually examined mainstream LDS theology and scripture and allowed myself to think critically about things like the temple ceremonies, I started to see that there are a lot of similarities in how women are treated.”

Sister Wives/TLC

“Another LDS watcher here. I watch SW and SSW (Seeking Sister Wife). I’ve always been fascinated by religion of all types. Part of why I tuned into SW initially was curiosity about Mormon fundamentalists. At the time I started watching, I had never met any in person,” someone else added.

Ultimately, it seems like a lot of members of the LDS church are really curious about the Browns. Many other Redditors admitted to learning a lot by watching Sister Wives.

But do the Browns really follow the rules of fundamentalist Mormonism?

The Brown family may have its fanbase, but many other Sister Wives fans almost feel as if they have been duped. The family claims to have a strict fundamentalist Mormon faith. However, many online users noticed they tend to follow many different elements of various religions. Logan Brown even had a Bar Mitzvah on his 13th birthday. So the Browns may not even be the best example of a fundamentalist Mormon family.

What do you think about the situation? Follow TV Shows Ace online for more information on the Brown family. Stay tuned for more!


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