Krystal Nielson Talks Divorce, Future Marriages And Babies

Krystal Nielson, YouTube

Not all love lasts in Bachelor land. Krystal Nielson first popped onto the scene in Arie Luyendyk’s season. She threw a few fits during her time there and at the Women Tell All some off-camera profanity was revealed. It didn’t paint her in the best light. The outburst was in response to Arie letting the losing team from a group date go to a cocktail party when he’d originally said they wouldn’t. Bachelor fans know this is something that happens often and feels like a producer’s call to induce drama.

All of that changed when she went on to Bachelor in Paradise and met Chris Randone. Fans rooted for the two former villains to get together and become heroes. The couple fell in love and were married, but it wasn’t meant to last. Krystal recently opened up about the pain of divorce and her future plans with her current boyfriend, Miles Bowles, and their daughter Andara.

Why Divorce Was Scary For Krystal Nielson

According to Bachelor Nation when Krystal appeared on the Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation podcast, she talked about how scary the divorce was. Telling Bryan Abasolo and Mike Johnson that being the villain on The Bachelor caused her to feel, “shame, rejection, unloved, and unseen for who she really was.” She felt others were writing a narrative for her and she wasn’t mean, so she just felt made fun of.

Krystal Nielson, Instagram
Krystal Nielson, Instagram

The opposite felt true of Paradise because finding someone and the public loved their relationship together and she didn’t feel like the villain when they were together. She worried through the divorce she’d be seen as the villain again. Krystal said it was a scary time for both of them. In 2020 during the pandemic, they revealed they were divorcing, and then a few months after that she found out she was pregnant. Talk about a whirlwind.

She Says This Time She’s Done Things Backwards

The hosts asked if Krystal Nielson is ready to get married again. She said they’d done things a bit backward. Nielson said, “we had a baby and we’ve done everything in our own way.” She’s thought about it, but she’s happy someone is there to love her. While she’s thought about getting a ring she said that doesn’t determine her self-worth and being committed is enough.

Krystal Nielson, Instagram
Krystal Nielson, Instagram

She said that “showing up for me and being there for me, that’s love.” She said if they do get married, it will be small and simple. Krystal is ready to get pregnant again and says she’ll really enjoy it. What do you think about Krystal’s reveal that she felt she’d be viewed as a villain again? Were you upset to hear about her and Chris’s divorce? Comment with your thoughts below.

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