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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Debate Kody Brown’s Worst Hairstyles

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Since Sister Wives first premiered, many fans have had opinions on Kody Brown’s hairstyle. It’s clear that he’s always preferred it to be long. But the family patriarch has really had some interesting styles over the years.

But what exactly do the fans think about the array of Kody Brown’s hairdos? Keep reading to see what they had to say.

The internet love to tease Kody Brown over his iconic hairdos

Over the course of 16 seasons, even Kody Brown’s wives have had opinions on his hairstyles. The wives tend to be much kinder than online fans. However, even Janelle once admitted to scowling when Kody wore his hair in a way that she didn’t like.

But now, Redditors want to know which Kody Brown hairstyle is the worst of the worst.

“Which hairstyle is most offensive to your optic nerves?” one Reddit user asked. They posted photos of some of the more bizarre hairstyles Kody Brown has worn over the past several years, including ponytail Kody.

Kody Brown/TLC

“Why is all of the above not an option?” answered another viewer.

“Airport Hairdryer blow out. It’s horrendous!” said another.

Kody Brown from TLC
Kody Brown/TLC

So think on it for a moment and let everyone know what your own opinions are. Out of all of Kody Brown’s hairstyles, which ones do you think were the worst? Let everyone know what you think in the comments.

Redditors poke fun at the patriarch for some of his other onscreen blunders

Seasoned Sister Wives fans know that people often troll Kody Brown online for one reason or another. Recently, one Reddit thread brought up the time that Kody tried to teach Mykelti and an old boyfriend about the birds and the bees.

When Mykelti started dating, she once brought home a young man named John. Kody wanted them to really think before they acted on their physical desires, but fans seemed really confused by his lecture.

In particular, fans really took issue with the part where he told the young couple that you can pass hormones from your mouth to another person’s mouth.

“Kody’s ‘biology’ lesson when he & Christine sat down Mykelti and her BF John?!? I had tears I was laughing so hard,” the original Reddit user wrote. “Holding hands signals to the heart to fall in love??? Hormones entering mouths when you kiss?!? Honestly if I was John I would feel blessed to have been able to receive such a lecture.”

John and Mykelti broke up soon after. She went on to marry Tony Padron and have a daughter with him.

What are some of your own favorite Kody Brown moments? Be sure to tell everyone what you think in the comments. Keep following TV Shows Ace online for more stories about the Brown family. You won’t want to miss out on a single one.

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