’90 Day Fiance’ Sources Say Emily & Kobe Had Another Baby


Season 9 of 90 Day Fiance is still in full swing. It is questionable if some of these couples will make it. As of now, a few have already tied the knot behind the scenes. One duo no one is quite sure will survive is Kobe and Emily. They have been extremely questionable all season but now it appears they might be bringing a lot to the tell-all.

Emily And Kobe, Struggling On 90 Day Fiance

It was lust at first sight when Emily and Kobe were both over in China. She was a teacher at the time and they immediately clicked, having so much fun together. Then, she got pregnant, he proposed, and the plan was for him to come to Kansas to be with her. Unfortunately, the pandemic halted him from moving from Cameroon so he missed the birth of his son. Finally, once their son was seventeen months old, he was able to come over but was stunned by how different Emily looked. Admittedly, she had gained baby weight but fans were shaken that he actually came out and said something to her face. Still, he loved her regardless and was excited to meet his son.


Their first night, she kept him to herself but when he did get to meet Koban, he felt quite uncomfortable. They had to share a bed and the baby was still nursing. Plus, she controlled every aspect of his life. It got to the point where he felt that she was setting him up to fail and he lashed out. In a clip from the newest episode, Emily reveals to her friends and family that she has such little faith in her relationship that she bought her own ring. How can this relationship possibly work in the long run?

Babies On The Brain?

When the season first began, Emily’s parents told their daughter not to get pregnant again, that she needed to be responsible. It was not long after Kobe’s arrival, the couple thought they might have had a scare. Looks like that turned out to be very positive. Apparently, they welcomed a baby girl and she accompanied the duo to the tell-all. It was estimated that she was around three to four months old. This info appeared on a Reddit thread and soon started to circulate.


Now, no one is quite certain what the couple’s status currently. A few couples from the show have made it down the aisle but Emily is just trying on wedding dresses. It will be interesting to see what the tell-all brings. Do you think this information is accurate? Let us know and watch 90 Day Fiance Sundays on TLC.


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