Wait, How Much Prison Time Are Todd & Julie Chrisley Facing?

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After being found guilty of tax evasion and bank fraud, Chrisley Knows Best fans wonder how much prison time Todd and Julie are facing. As TvShowsAce has previously covered, the grueling trial lasted for three weeks. The jury, however, only took days to come back with a verdict. To the entire Chrisley Knows Best family’s surprise, they were found guilty on all counts.

As TvShowsAce also reported just yesterday, Todd and Julie have mostly ghosted fans since the verdict came out. They, however, did admit to being shell-shocked by the verdict. Moreover, they already have their layers working on an appeal.

The question fans have at this point is simple: What exactly does a guilty verdict mean for Julie and Todd Chrisley? How much time behind bars are they at risk of serving? Here’s what we know.

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How much prison time could Todd and Julie Chrisley face?

Presently, it is important to keep in mind that Todd and Julie are still waiting for their sentencing hearing. It is during the sentencing hearing that they will find out if they have to serve any time behind bars and what fees/fines they have to pay. Sadly, this means they are playing a bit of a waiting game at this point in time. Fans, however, do have a general idea of what kind of prison time they could be facing.

As Chrisley Knows Best fans know, Todd and Julie Chrisley are currently on house arrest. Todd was photographed standing in his doorway when his daughter Savannah came to visit him. Those who saw the photograph believe they spotted an ankle monitor on him. While fans haven’t seen Julie, they assume she is likely wearing one too.

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At this point in time, the sentencing hearing for Todd and Julie Chrisley is slated for October 6th. This, however, isn’t set in stone. It is not uncommon for there to be delays with federal trials. Likewise, the Chrisley family plans on appealing the verdict. Todd and Julie Chrisley, however, could face as many as 30 years behind bars.

What about their children?

As TvShowsAce has previously reported, there are other things for Todd and Julie Chrisley to worry about. Todd and Julie are raising their granddaughter, Chloe. They also still have Grayson in the household who just turned 16. Furthermore, fans assume Todd also provides a significant amount of care for his mother, Nanny Faye as well.

Monsters & Critics speculates the judge could allow Todd and Julie to serve back-to-back sentences. This means that Todd could serve up to 30 years behind bars and then Julie would serve up to 30 years behind bars after him.

[Credit: Instagram]
[Credit: Instagram]

What will happen to the show?

There are a few different TV shows under the Chrisley umbrella. If Todd and/or Julie end up behind bars, fans assume the show will get canceled. Technically, Growing Up Chrisley could move forward even with Todd and Julie behind bars. Fans are pretty divided on whether they support the family. Todd and Julie have a lot of support. But, they also have a lot of fans who are furious and heartbroken by their crimes.

Does it surprise you to know they could do as much as 30 years behind bars? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley Knows Best news.

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  1. I love that Entire family no matter what I’m praying for them I know they’re a strong g family and will get thru this looking forward to upcoming season. 10 can’t wait love you all

  2. Sending love and prayers for the whole family.Something is wrong with this picture the man that brought all of this about made a deal and lied numours times to the government this isn’t right,he admits he is a liar so what is wrong with this picture that the government takes his side.The government didn’t prove their case the jury did.

  3. They knew what they were doing was wrong like the saying goes if you can’t do the time don’t commit the crime I don’t feel the least bit sorry for either of them

  4. I’m praying for the chrisley family and hope their appeal goes thru. I’m hoping they only have to pay a fine. Stay strong.

    1. What’s to be gained sending them to jail? Let them keep working t and pay the debts off. They have two young children and mother who needs them. Makes more sense than having tax payers pay for their life.
      Make the right choice.
      Praying for you guys.

  5. Todd & Julie can continue the TV show
    with a Boost in Ratings .. if Cameras
    are allowed in Prison .. Visiting Hours
    could be Sensational .. stay tuned!

  6. People are struggling in this world to just survive; while these 2 live a life of Riley. They deserve what they are getting.

  7. I hope they get the full 30 years. I was a fan and would watch them weekly on tv. Both of them preaching to do the right thing. I would no longer watch them even if they are o n tv and they have 3 kids older than 21 that can watch Grayson and Chloe and they should each serve long jail sentences for what they did! Not ok they had everything and still wanted more.

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