‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Should TLC Have Vetted The Epps’ Better?

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New Seeking Sister Wife family the Epps’ has an interesting backstory. It is not just them being in a plural relationship that has people talking. Marcus Epps is an Ohio councilman with a few scandals in his back pocket. This is leading fans to question if TLC should have vetted their cast far better than they did.

The Epps Family Joins Seeking Sister Wife, Opens A Can Of Worms

Marcus Epps is proudly married to Taryn and they’ve been together for over a decade. Unfortunately, he has never been the faithful type so the couple broke up. She left and took their daughter but he wasted no time in finding a new woman, India. They ended up getting engaged but after a year, Taryn wanted to try to work it out. That was all well and good for Marcus but he was not about to give up his fiancee. Yet his wife did not want to share him. In the end, he proposed a plural relationship and they have been together ever since. Now they are on the show actively seeking a new wife to add to the family.


Being on the show has made Marcus’s past resurface. In 2020, Taryn was holding a birthday party in a condemned building where a shooting occurred. One woman was killed and it turned out that Marcus was operating this after-hours club. The murder has remained unsolved but there’s more. A fire occurred in a home Marcus owned that also showed several housing violations after a search warrant was issued. Early this year, he pled not guilty. Finally, it was uncovered that he owed 12K in back taxes. He has not paid his property taxes since 2019 though he claims he has been making payments. So, why has TLC not done a better job of vetting these people?

Do Your Research

Admittedly, TLC has not always done the best background checks with some of their cast. 90 Day Fiance has been a nightmare at times and the Snowden family was no treat. Now, the network is under fire by fans for not checking into the Epps family better. They took to Reddit to express their frustration along with a news article detailing Marcus’s dirty dealings.


  • “Why doesn’t TLC vet these people? I live near the Epps and remember then name from the news last year”
  • “TLC knows. They just don’t care. There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding people from different shows for a while now. It’s all about the $$$ and they can be pretty exploitative as well.”
  • “I mean…we didn’t need this info to know he’s shady but it’s interesting so thanks! The guy just wants to cheat but not be alone. I can’t believe he got two beautiful women to play along.”
  • “They know. This was the Easter egg they hoped we would find to generate more online chatter.”

So it seems without the scandal, viewers may not care as much. Plus, it drums up more attention to the cast and the show so it is actually beneficial to TLC in the long run. Do you think the network knew all along about Marcus but has been using it to their advantage? Let us know and watch Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC.

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