‘OutDaughtered’: Olivia, Hazel, & Riley Enjoy Date With Daddy

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OutDaughtered stars Olivia, Hazel, and Riley Busby enjoyed a date with daddy this week. Parker, Ava, and Blayke are currently spending a few days with nana and papa. Danielle Busby is also away as she went on a trip to a conference. So, Adam Busby is flying solo with three of the quints for a few days.

On his Instagram Stories, he explained to his followers that he does what he can to keep his girls as active as possible when he is alone with them. Fans can only assume this is his approach to making sure they sleep so he gets enough sleep to continue to manage them at night. Likewise, fans know Adam likes to wake early to grab a workout. So, wearing the girls out just makes sense.

On both his profile and his Instagram Stories, he revealed that he took Olivia, Riley, and Hazel on a “daddy date”. He decided to take the girls to Texas Entertainment Xperience. As those who follow Adam regularly know, this is a place he takes the girls often. It is a massive entertainment spot with TONS for the girls to do. Today, he decided they were going to enjoy some roller skating before going jumping.

Adam Busby - Instagram
Adam Busby – Instagram

Olivia, Riley, and Hazel Busby enjoy a daddy date

Three of the OutDaughtered quints kicked off the day of fun by roller skating. Hazel Busby admits she’s gone roller skating a few times. Riley also admitted this wasn’t her first time. Olivia Busby, however, tells daddy she’s never gone roller skating before. So, it was a big first for her!

Adam Busby tells fans that he’ll do his best to get some shots. But, there’s only so much managing he can do as he also has wheels on his feet. On Instagram, Adam admitted he was a bit nervous trying to manage three girls while wearing roller skates. He, however, was surprised at how well they did and fans were impressed by his own skating skills.

Adam Busby - Instagram
Adam Busby – Instagram

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby especially proud of Riley

In his Instagram post and on his Stories, Adam admitted he had a warm spot in his heart for Riley Busby. Initially, Riley, Olivia, and Hazel played dodgeball together against three boys. By the end of the game, it was Riley playing by herself with the three boys. Adam noted Riley was “king of the court” on his Stories as she had tons of balls and clobbered the boys who all appeared to be a bit bigger than him.

Adam Busby - Instagram
Adam Busby – Instagram

He penned: “Riley was taking on a group of boys on the dodge ball court and i couldn’t be more proud.”

Overall, Adam Busby considered their daddy date to be a success. And, he was really happy he took the girls out to have a little fun.

the girls had so much fun skating and jumping in the trampoline park. I was a little worried at first at how hard they were going to be to manage while skating(and lacing them up), but they rocked it and had a blast! We even had a second mound of skating after jumping for a bit.”

Adam Busby generously shared tons of photos on his profile and nearly 10 minutes of the girls playing on his Instagram Stories for fans to enjoy.

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