Lifetime’s ‘Stalked By A Prince’ Premiering On LMN

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Lifetime’s Stalked By A Prince is about a royal romance gone wrong. This LMN movie reunites Fit For A Prince stars Natalie Hall (Road Trip Romance, You’re Bacon Me Crazy), and Jonathan Keltz (Reign, Once Upon A Prince).

John F. Hayes (Sins In The Suburbs, Deadly Cheers), and Shawn Riopelle (Ice Road Killer, Deadly House Call) wrote the script. Max McGuire (Lemonade Stand Romance, Beware Of The Midwife) is the director.

What Is Lifetime’s Stalked By A Prince About?

According to the Lifetime synopsis, Alyssa Banks (Hall) is a publicist who has caught the eye of a Royal Prince! She believes she is now living in a fairy tale. Prince Jack (Keltz) is gorgeous, charming, and attentive.

At first, everything seems to be going great. Jack is a romantic. They have candlelight dinners at extravagant restaurants. They drink the best wine, eat sumptuous food, and gaze into each other’s eyes.

They even take a romantic helicopter ride over Los Angeles! Therefore, Alyssa is not suspicious of anything when Prince Jack whisks her away to Europe on a private jet.

However, now that they are alone, Alyssa starts to become suspicious that things are not well with Prince Jack. Moreover, Alyssa’s dream quickly turns into a nightmare.

That is because the volatile Prince refuses to let Alyssa leave his family’s luxurious estate in the English countryside.

Although she almost gets saved, Alyssa realizes she has to save herself. Although escaping proves to be a challenge, she soon finds a way to turn the tables on her not-so-perfect Prince.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Lifetime
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Lifetime

When Can You Watch Lifetime’s Stalked By A Prince?

The LMN premiere of Stalked by A Prince is on Thursday, June 16, at 8 p.m., Eastern.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Lifetime
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Lifetime

Natalie Hall Explains How Leads Wound Up In Two Royal Movies

How did Natalie Hall and Jonathan Keltz wind up playing a Prince and a commoner on a Lifetime movie, just a year after doing the same, but on a Hallmark movie? This is especially odd, as these two movies are back-to-back on Hall’s IMDb.

When Hall recently spoke to the Deck The Hallmark podcast, she explained what occurred, because this was very unusual.

First, Natalie found out that they were going to make a sequel to Fit For a Prince.

So they sent us like the plot of the next movie, which is like I meet his royal family. And, then my family’s from like the sticks.

And, so I was like okay cool cool. l like, I’m gonna go do this movie and then all of a sudden like two minutes before we started, I got a script that said Stalked By A Prince. And, I was like, is this for Hallmark Murder or Mystery? Like what is this?

She then explained that she opened the script, and saw different characters. Moreover, the Prince was going to try to kill her!

Soon, she thought that “this is also genius to take a Hallmark story and do the murder.”

Best of all, both actors found the whole experience really fun. This was far from a sequel, but they had a blast doing something very opposite of a sequel.

Have you seen Fit For A Prince and want to watch Stalked By A Prince?

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