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‘Sister Wives’: Who Deserves More Screen Time?

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In the Sister Wives family, there is one father, four mothers, 18 children, and now three grandchildren. In other words, there’s quite a bit of family to go around.

However, Sister Wives viewers tend to see certain members of the Brown family over others. It’s no secret that Christine is very popular with fans. But who is the favorite kid?

In a Reddit forum, viewers recently debated which member of the Brown family is the most underrated. Keep reading to see what they had to say and who really deserves more screen time in upcoming seasons.

Sister Wives fans debate their favorite family members

Many Sister Wives fans will say that Truely, Maddie, and Ysabel are some of their favorite family members. But over the course of the show, these family members have been involved in some pretty serious storylines. It’s easy for viewers to get to know them.

But which of the Brown family’s children deserves a little more screen time?

Christine Brown/Instagram

“Who do you think is the most underrated child?” one Reddit user asked. “My personal opinion: Savannah.”

Savannah Brown is Janelle’s youngest child and doesn’t get as much screentime as some of her siblings. But many Sister Wives fans really enjoyed watching her grow and mature onscreen.

However, many other Reddit users believed that one of the Brown brothers was the unsung hero of the show.

“I vote Hunter… that young man is killing it!” someone else replied. “Graduated in the top 10% of the Air Force Academy. Served his country. Currently training as a Nurse Practitioner… at John Hopkins no less. Add to that he often shows up at Maddie’s being the cool uncle and supportive brother. He’s [an] impressive guy… despite his father.”

Janelle Brown/Instagram
Janelle Brown/Instagram

Many other Reddit users chimed in to say that they agreed Hunter was the best.

And one Redditor decided it was the perfect time to make a joke.

“Kody. Oh wait. I thought you asked who the most OVERrated child is. That’s definitely Kody,” they teased.

So which of the Brown family members do you believe is the most underrated? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments.

What can fans expect from the next season?

Right now, Sister Wives fans are eagerly awaiting the show’s 17th season. They’re dying to know what’s happening in the Brown household after Christine officially left the family.

It’s hard to say how it will all play out on screen, but Christine’s Instagram followers noticed that she’s looking very happy and healthy these days. Perhaps kicking Kody to the curb was the best thing that happened to her.

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