‘Sister Wives’ Gwendlyn Brown Sleeping In Her Car, Is She Homeless?

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Sister Wives daughter Gwendlyn Brown has been really coming into herself. She is owning her personal life and is extremely proud to be part of the LGBTQ+ community. Recently, this new lifestyle led to her sleeping in her car. What happened to her stable home?

Sister Wives Leaves Gwendlyn With Trauma, But She’s Okay

Viewers have watched Gwen grow up before their eyes. She was just a little towhead, sharing bunk beds with her four siblings in a single-family home in Utah. Along with her three sisters and one brother, her family was quite unique. Her mother, Christine was the third wife to polygamist Kody Brown. In their home also lived his first wife Meri, her daughter, Mariah, his second wife, Janelle, and her six children. At the same time, Christine was expecting her sixth child, a little girl named Truely. It was sincerely a full house and it was about to grow even more with the addition of a fourth wife. Endearing Gwen was seen questioning her dad over what it meant to bring in a new mother and three additional kids.


Robyn never actually lived in the single home but rather nearby until they all escaped to Las Vegas and each had their own home. It was never easy with Kody favoring his new wife and her kids. The family felt the rift but Gwen was seen being quite close to Robyn’s two daughters from her previous marriage. Once in Flagstaff, the family lived even further apart and Christine’s girls truly lacked respect for their dad. He was almost exclusively always at Robyn’s and by November 2021, her mother separated from Kody. Gwen now jokes she has “religious trauma (in a cute way).” She also has a lot more to share with the world.

A New Life, Sleeping In The Car

Gwen never officially came out to her Sister Wives fans. However, her older sister Mariah did and is engaged to her partner Audrey Kriss. Gwen has been extremely supportive of Audrey as they undergo their transition from FTM which has been great. For Gwendlyn, she showed off her girlfriend who may have been a fiancee at one point. She even accompanied the family on a trip to Disney World earlier in the year but that relationship ended. About two months ago, Gwen began dating someone new and they had just gone on their first trip together. They headed to Disneyland and opted to drive there. That is where the car plays a vital part.


After less than two months of dating, the girls went on their first vacay together, Gwen shared on Instagram. Due to the seven-hour drive, they opted to sleep in the car. When they awoke, there were zero plans, clearly fun and whimsical trip so they headed to LA Pride. On day three, they finally headed to Disneyland and she shared the couple had a petty fight over Checkers. By the end of day four and an exciting meet and greet with Loki, they took a quick nap. It was halted by a cop but he was chill. Then, the gals headed home. All in all, they seemed to have a successful first trip and realized they can literally sleep anywhere.

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