Lilah Roloff Shocks Amy & Chris With A Major First

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This week’s episode of LPBW was a huge one for Lilah Roloff. For starters, the entire family came together at Zach and Tori’s new home to celebrate her second birthday. Zach and Tori tell the cameras Lilah isn’t especially comfortable around large groups of people. She, however, seemed to be on her best behavior and had a great time at her party.

Lilah Roloff turns two

The first part of this week’s episode features Lilah Roloff celebrating her birthday with her family and friends. Tori Roloff admitted she was a bit anxious about the whole thing because it would be their first time holding a big get-together at their new house. So, she wanted everything to be perfect. Overall, Zach and Tori agreed the party was a hit. And, everyone seemed to have a wonderful time.

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Surprises Amy and Chris with massive first

The second portion of the episode involved Jackson Roloff getting his surgery. Tori and Zach reached out to Amy and asked if she would take care of Lilah while Jackson had his surgery. Lilah ended up spending a few days with Amy and Chris while Jackson had surgery and began his recovery.

Amy Roloff tells the cameras it was the first time Lilah had ever stayed with them. She admitted she wasn’t sure what to expect. But, she feared she would have an anxious and sad granddaughter on her hand. Lilah, however, shocked everyone when she was happy to say goodbye to mommy and daddy. Amy tells the cameras Lilah had a wonderful time hanging out with her and Chris for a few days. Amy also says she knows exactly what Tori and Zach are going through, so she was happy to help.

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Chris Marek tells the cameras the only issue they really had was Lilah crying a lot when it was bedtime. Amy, however, shrugged it off noting that Lilah was just fussing like any other child that didn’t really want to go to bed would do. Both were surprisingly shocked that Lilah Roloff didn’t really cry for her mother or father too much while she was there.

Do you think it is sweet that Lilah Roloff enjoyed staying the night at Chris and Amy’s house for the first time? Are you surprised her visit with Chris and Amy went so smoothly? Let us know what you think in the comments down below.

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