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Jealous Kim Kardashian In Weird Competition With Khloe?

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Kim Kardashian has always loved the spotlight, and dare anyone who tries to take it away from her, even her sisters. Lately, Kim and Khloe Kardashian have been in the news given their drastic weight loss journey. However, Reddit users were quick to point out that Kim might be doing this to compete with her sister.

In a possible theory that surfaced on Reddit, viewers noted this could be the reason for Kim’s evolution from a curvy body to a slim one. For a long time, Khloe had been body-shamed for her looks, but lately, the reality star has shed a lot of weight. She has been flaunting her slim physique on her social.

Kim Kardashian Drops 16 Pounds For Met Gala Dress

Kim K also admitted to dropping a whopping 16 pounds in mere three weeks. As reported by The Sun, this was all in an effort to fit into her Marilyn Monroe Met Gala dress.

The OP on Reddit started this thread pointing out that Kim is trying to be skinny because Khloe is working on her body as well. He continued that the Kardashian sisters have always been very competitive. And, sure enough, Kim is trying to out-thin Khloe.

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Another continued the thread stating that the OP was definitely onto something. He mentioned that Kim is annoying and always tries to steal everyone’s spotlight. It might not be visible at first. But, when you become aware of it, it is visible in everything, including the interviews and reality shows.

Kim Might Be Insecure Of Pete’s Skinny Exes

However, there are other theories as to why Kim might be trying so hard to stay skinny. In the very same Reddit post, another user commented that this change might stem from the reality star’s romance with Pete Davidson.

The actor/comedian has in the past dated mostly skinny women, and Kim trying to get skinny could partly be because of this. Another guessed that Kim K is insecure about dating someone who has only dated skinny and petite girls.

Fans Speculate Kim and Khloe Had Weight Loss Surgery

On this drastic weight loss story, a surgery blog speculated what the sister might have had. The blog theorized that the sisters had an endoscopic sleeve, which is a minimally invasive procedure for weight loss. This Instagram account by the name SurgeonMadeCurves shared Kim’s picture from her latest vacation, flaunting a tiny bikini.

Khloe Kardashian

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The OP mentioned that it seems like Khloe and Kim both underwent endoscopic sleeve surgery, but that cannot be said for sure.

An endoscopic sleeve is a surgery where the stomach is cut in the form of a mini sleeve. This surgery reduces the amount of food your stomach can hold at a time. Hence, it helps control how much one can eat, which ultimately causes weight loss.

Family Worried About Kim Kardashian’s Health

Given the drastic weight drop, the Kardashian family has been showing some concerns regarding her health. The family revealed that the model hasn’t been sleeping well. She also has a packed schedule taking care of her kids, filming the reality show, & spending time with Pete.

The Kardashian family and friends now worry that the reality star might be pushing herself too far.

Do you think Kim is in a weird competition with her sister? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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