Jenelle Evans Spreads Legs In Lacy Lingerie, Says ‘I’m A Good Parent’

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On Monday night, Jenelle Evans quickly swept up the attention of her 3 million Tik Tok Followers when she bared it all in her latest social media post. Over the years, this Teen Mom alum has garnered herself quite a reputation. Show fans and social media followers tend to classify her as brash, self-indulgent, and short-tempered. After this last video post, some of those followers might be keen to add a few more adjectives to her description. What did Jenelle share that has so many eyebrows raised? Read on to get the titillating details.

Jenelle Evans Proclaims That She’s A Good Parent

MTV fans have been watching Jenelle Evans’ parenting journey since she was 16 . Somehow, more than a decade later, the former reality show celeb has managed to create a lifestyle by keeping herself in the public eye. Unfortunately, many of those who follow her aren’t really sure how she manages it.

Now 30 years old,  the North Carolina native has three children, though only one of them biologically belongs to her husband, David Eagan, whose legal antics over the years have kept him in the public eye as well.

Despite all of the sordid and assorted reasons that Jenelle’s followers take issue with her — and her parenting, she firmly disagrees. In her latest TikTok post, the social-media socialite shared an interesting clip of herself spending time with her children on a recent outdoor excursion.

“I’m a good mother first…” the celeb’s overlay text read across her heartwarming family photos. The video then took a sharp turn that left many of her followers shaking their heads in disbelief.

Jenelle Spreads Legs In Lacy Lingerie

After a brief montage of heartwarming family snaps, Jenelle’s video swiftly took a turn into the red light district. The screen suddenly explodes with several photos of Jenelle assuming suggestive poses, glammed up in bathing suits and barely-there lingerie.

In one photo, Jenelle wears her hair down and flowing. Sits splay-legged with her knees bent on a bed. The former MTV personality leans backward, one hand resting on the bed, the other tangled in her own hair. She arches her back, smiling off into the distance. She wears a sheer, thigh-length lingerie piece that features a silvery petal-type pattern along the bust. Jenelle makes no move to cover her unmentionables and welcomes the objectification that sharing the photos will bring.

While some of her female followers who find her message ‘endearing’ and ‘body positive,’ most in the thread feel that sharing photos of yourself bent over in lingerie alongside snaps of your children isn’t in the best taste.

Photo Credit: Instagram

“God I can’t even imagine explaining to my kids one day that I had an Only Fans account. Or their friends finding out. SMH,” said one TikTok user.

“You cant simultaneously be a good mother whilst publicly sexualizing yourself,” said another.

“None Of Your Business”

In the video, she edited in the text “Whatever I do second is none of your business.”

Unfortunately for her, viewers disagreed. The comment section exploded with opinions from people pointing out how irrational her statement was. They felt that she made it everyone’s business when she put the photos out there for the world.


No shame in my game 😈😂

♬ Follow me or else – ☆

Many felt that her mothering skills needed a tune-up, especially if she felt that this was ‘acceptable’ behavior. Many asked her how she will deal with her children someday finding her risque photos. As of the time of this post, Jenelle Evans has not responded to any of the commenters.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans’ latest TikTok post? Tell us in the comments!

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