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Erika Jayne Gives Mental Health Update Since Latest Drug

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Singer and TV personality Erika Jayne recently talked about the mental health issues that have been ailing her after ex Tom Girardi’s ongoing fraud scandal. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star mentioned that she has been feeling hopeless and taking antidepressants.

Erika Talks To The RHOBH Cast About Her Battle With Depression

RHOBH recently aired a preview of the upcoming episode where the 50-year-old sat down for breakfast with other cast members. The cast is currently on vacation in Mexico.

Erika Jayne

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The preview showed a cast member Kyle Richards asking the server for sugar in Spanish. To which Erika echoed its Spanish word “azucar!’ while talking in a hilarious voice. To this, Crystal Kung Minkoff, another cast of RHOBH, told her that she loves the way the singer talks.

Erika chimed in and said that these antidepressants are really helping. Confessing about her mental health, she also said that last year it was all about feeling hopeless. In 2021, the former actress told the cast of Real Housewives about her issues with depression. She talked about how the legal fallout involving her ex-husband’s fraud scandal brought her down mentally.

Reality Star Admits To Seeking Psychiatric Help

For the unversed, the lawyer was accused of embezzling millions that were allotted for the victims of a plane crash. The lawyer represented the crash victims, and he allegedly nabbed the funds for himself.

The Roller Coaster singer also stated that each morning she dreaded waking up and ultimately needed help from a psychiatrist. This was when she started taking Lexapro for her mental health.

[Source: YouTube]

Even though Erika’s troubles are not over yet, the reality star has been feeling positive and better than before. As per The Sun, she is dealing with a $ 50 million lawsuit pending in court. Addressing her current situation, the singer said that she is still sad but tries to enjoy every moment as it comes. Her source of happiness is her friends and some intimacy every now and then.

She also sighed, stating that she tried not to indulge in the past.

Erika Jayne Faces A $50 Million Lawsuit

Early in June, Erika’s ex-husband Tom was disbarred from the California Bar. He was also ordered to pay a sum of $2 million to 4 minors of the crash victims. Tom and his now non-operational law firm allegedly skimmed off the fund intended to help the 2018 plane crash victims’ families.

Erika is also facing a lawsuit for $50 Million. She is pinned as the frontwoman in Tom’s alleged fraud scheme. The lawsuit was filed by Edelson PC law firm against the former couple, EJ Global LLC, Girardi & Keese law firm, alongside its lenders.

The plaintiff has accused Erika of being in charge of the operation while selling lies to her clients. They also mentioned that Erika allegedly displayed the money stolen from the victims on Real Housewives. This incident has served as a major plotline for the reality show RHOBH.


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