‘AGT’ Fans Worry About Howie Mandel, What Happened?

AGT Fans Worry About Howie Mandel, What Happened? [AGT | YouTube]

AGT fans expressed concerns about Howie Mandel. The Canadian judge was missing from the latest episode of the talent competition. Read on to see what happened to Howie and if he’s doing well.

Howie Mandel absent from the recent episode

America’s Got Talent Season 17 returned this month. Since then, the show has been moving forward with its auditions. On the Tuesday, June 14 episode, fans were worried about Howie Mandel, who was noticeably absent from the judging panel. They didn’t provide any context for his sudden disappearance.

Fans have been looking forward to the third round of the AGT Season 17 auditions. While most watched the jaw-dropping talents and acts, other fans couldn’t help but notice that Howie Mandel’s presence was missing. The actor provides some comedic relief and gives sound advice. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Howie also has a different opinion from his fellow judges.

Howie Mandel Missing From AGT [YouTube]
[Extra TV | YouTube]

Where did the AGT judge go?

At first, the stand-up comedian made an appearance at the judges’ table alongside Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, and Sofia Vergara. Howie Mandel was present for the first hour of the episode. He provided wisdom and insights to each of the performers. Fans love that he always brings something fresh to the show.

However, fans noticed that Howie Mandel was noticeably absent from the judging panel during the second hour. Neither host Terry Cruise nor the showrunners provide context behind his absence. AGT fans were worried about Howie. Some of them took to Twitter to find out where he went.

  • “@heidiklum What happened to Howie?”
  • “What happened to Howie?? He didn’t meet protocol.”
  • “@howiemandel Where’s Howie!?”
  • Where did Howie go?”
  • “Miss you, Howie. Hope you are doing fantastic right now.”

Howie Mandel tested positive for COVID-19

Howie Mandel is doing fine. He tested positive for COVID-19 during the taping of the show. So, he had to step away from his judging responsibilities. Howie took to Twitter to assure fans that he’s in good health.

“I got Covid,” he simply responded to a fan who asked him.

Back in April, Howie Mandel made an appearance on TMZ Live. He talked about his COVID diagnosis and how it affected his mental health. He contracted the virus after attending the Kids’ Choice Awards. The Bullsh*t game show host admitted that he went “insane” after being in quarantine.

“I got locked away for 10 days. I’m vaxxed, and I’m boosted, so my symptoms weren’t terrible,” Howie Mandel told TMZ. “But … the mental pain of me being locked in a room for 10 days, not going near anybody … I went insane.”

Howie Mandel Talks COVID Diagnosis [TMZ | YouTube]
[TMZ | YouTube]
He had to recover from the emotional effects of COVID. Howie said it was no joke since he “got incredibly depressed, incredibly neurotic.” He couldn’t distract himself from his mental health struggles. He felt that he “lost” when he tested positive for COVID after being so careful for two years.

Thankfully, Howie Mandel is doing better these days. Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on AGT Season 17.

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