‘Seeking Sister Wife’: The Epps Murder Scandal Now Includes His Wife?

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Seeking Sister Wife has one very interesting family in the Epps’. It’s not so much how they have chosen to live their lives as their backstory. Originally, councilman Marcus Epps was under fire for his scandals which should have made him exempt from the series. Now, his wife might be implicated and it’s going way too far.

Marcus Introduces His Wife On Seeking Sister Wife

Taryn is married to Marcus as they met in college and he had to convince her he could settle down. He was a player and was actually hooking up with her good friend. It worked as they had been together for a decade when she discovered he had been having multiple affairs. So, she took their daughter and left. That was when he met India and became engaged but Taryn decided after a year, that she wanted to come back. Unfortunately, Marcus wanted both women but they were not so cool with this idea. Eventually, he convinced them that polygamy was an okay concept and now, they are searching for a new woman.


However, Marcus has quite the checkered past as an Ohio councilman. There are a handful of scandals that unfolded prior to the show airing and fans of the show wanted him off. Backwoods Barbi was the first to shed light on these and then, they just unraveled. The first was about a house fire that included housing violations. It was a home he owned but he claimed the search warrant was issued as a political ploy to get him to resign. He added it was because he wanted body cameras on officers and other excuses but nothing added up. It just continued to get worse.

Debt, Murder, And Wives

So, along with the housing problem, it was also revealed that Marcus owed 12K in back taxes. He had not paid his property taxes since 2019 despite claiming he had been paying them all along. This seems worthy of getting him thrown out of office, at least off of the show. Somehow, this gets worse. Back in 2020, Backwoods Barbi talked about a murder that occurred at an after-hours club he operated. It was all very confusing but thanks to Starcasm, there is far more light shed on this. In October 2020, three people were shot in a Cleveland club after a man was apparently refused entry. Shameia Hurth, 27 ultimately died from her injuries. The club was not in fact a functioning building but rather an abandoned one.


It had been condemned for a few years and had then been owned by the state of Ohio. News reporter Hannah Catlett was on the scene and says there was a woman there who claimed to be the owner. Another lady shared she was having her birthday party at the club and ultimately turned out to be Marcus’ wife, Taryn. At some point, footage caught Marcus carrying a woman who was shot in the leg outside with another man. He also revealed he had the lease to this lovely establishment. It remains unsolved and their ties to the building are just way too fishy. A follower has confirmed he is still in office as of today.

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