Meri Brown Urges ‘Sister Wives’ Fans To Listen To Their Guts

Meri Brown from TLC

Sister Wives star Meri Brown is on a path to self-discovery these days.

Christine and Janelle are always off on their own adventures and Robyn is the apple of Kody’s eye. So it’s been really hard for Meri to find her own place in the world. But even so, she’s making the most of things.

Fans noticed she’s been posting a lot of inspirational quotes and sayings on her Instagram stories these days. In the latest post, Meri encourages her followers to follow their natural instincts.

Meri Brown is paying attention to her own intuition these days

In some of her recent updates, Meri Brown hinted that she was no longer interested in drama. She didn’t specify what she meant here — but there is no shortage of drama in the Brown household.

Sister Wives/TLC

“I am going to keep having fun every day I have left, because there is no other way of life. You just have to decide whether you are a Tigger or an Eeyore. -Randy Pausch,” the TLC personality posted on her Instagram stories.

And while she focuses on forging a new path, Meri is also learning to trust her gut. She’s relying on her natural instincts to help her make better choices down the road.

“Gut feelings are also ‘guardian angels.’ Listen to them,” Meri wrote on her Instagram stories.

Meri Brown/Instagram

Although she could be referring to any number of things, a lot of fans wonder if Meri is talking about the catfishing incident here.

While the catfishing incident was playing out, Meri said that she saw all the red flags and chose not to acknowledge them. And in the end, the catfish threatened to unravel her entire family dynamic.

When she writes about trusting her gut, perhaps Meri means that she will be more careful about choosing her friends in the future.

The TLC personality looks forward to what the future holds

Sources close to the Brown family said in previous interviews that Meri mostly keeps to herself these days. When Sister Wives isn’t filming, she distances herself from the rest of the family.

However, it does seem like she’s dedicating a lot of time and energy to bettering herself. Meri also recently posted that she and one of her close friends took some time to explore the wilderness and mountains together.

Meri Brown/Instagram

Kody Brown may no longer be interested in his first wife, but she’s doing her best to keep moving forward anyway. Hopefully, fans will get to see Meri stand on her own two feet in Season 17.

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