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Kim Kardashian’s Latest Skimpy Snap Leaves Nothing To Imagination?

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The Kardashian sisters have been blamed time and again for setting unnatural beauty standards with Photoshopped pictures and videos. Kim Kardashian was recently accused of a massive Photoshop fail. The actress shared a video of her on vacation with her beau Pete Davidson. However, the video didn’t get the expected response and fans were quick to notice that The Kardashians star used a skinny filter.

But, that didn’t stop her from sharing some more of her curves. The reality star shared a mirror selfie video she captured in her Los Angeles mansion.

Kim Kardashian Flaunts Her New SKIMS Lingerie

In this sensuous selfie, the reality star has set aside her clothing and swapped it with beautiful white lingerie.

The lingerie helped her flaunt her sculpted body in all the right ways and at the best angles. The 41-year-old model was seen showing off her curves regardless of the catastrophic reactions by fans to her previous vacation video clip.

Kim Kardashian
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Kim posed in a see-through white bra & thong set. Her platinum blonde locks were tied up in a neat bun. The Kardashian sister stood barefoot on her master bathroom’s marble floors.

As per The Sun, the Hidden Hills, California mansion is a whopping $60Million. Kim K and Kanye West originally co-0wned the mansion. However, the SKIMS founder reportedly bought Kanye’s share by paying up $23Million. As of now, the reality star is the sole owner of the property.

Kim Flaunts Her Tiny Figure And Toned Muscles

Talking about her lingerie, Kim Kardashian spoke to the camera saying she is obsessed with her new set. She also mentioned that she could really show how beautiful the top is as it was see-through. However, the SKIMS lingerie was too cute for the reality star to not give her fans a sneak peek.



The 41-year-old American socialite has currently been focusing on her fitness regimen. This is why she didn’t shy away from flaunting her flat stomach, tiny figure, & sculpted muscles.

Embarrassing Photoshop Fail On Kim’s Vacation Video

Although the fashion mogul looks perfect, she does use Photoshop tricks to hide some human flaws, which are very obvious. In her vacation video with her boyfriend Pete, the reality star became one with the ocean.

Her boyfriend filmed her slowly entering the water as she flaunted her stunning black bikini. However, fans were quick to notice that Kim’s belly button suddenly disappeared in the video before reappearing. This is a classic sign of editing.

The video on an Instagram fan account, KardashianSocial, saw comments pouring in from fans pointing out the editing. A fan sarcastically commented that Kim had lost so much weight that her belly button simply disappeared. Another pointed out that the video was a tad blurry around the edges of her tummy.

Celebrities, now and then, tend to use Photoshop to set unnecessary beauty standards. And Kim Kardashian is no exception!

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